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Remember that note about it never being easy to embarrass the Yanks in the House o’ Ruth? Scratch that. Evidently it’s very easy.

And with our perspective thus properly adjusted, I suppose it comes as no surprise that during a day-night doubleheader in Atlanta on Tuesday the Mets looked little different than the desperate and pathetic crew that stumbled into Yankee Stadium over the weekend and somehow came out with a two-game sweep. Let’s give a hand to those Amazin’ Mets, who emerged from the Bronx with a rare dose of goodwill and handed it all right back in one afternoon, losing by scores of 6-1 and 6-2, dominated in humiliating fashion by Tom Glavine in the first half of the twin bill and hours later falling to Jorge Campillo, making just his 2nd big league start and his first since 2005.

Some might ask where this sort of performance out of Glavine was when the Mets needed it on the last day of the ’07 season. To Hell with that. I want to know where the Mets were on May 20th, 2008, when the team needed a strong effort against a dominant home team and didn’t bother to show up.

And no, Willie, these thoughts aren’t racially motivated. They’re motivated by the fact that your ballclub is putrid.

Speaking of Willie and his comments on race and SNY, here’s how I feel about it: They are paranoid and cowardly remarks from a man for whom I had a great deal of respect prior to reading his delusional rant. No matter how I felt about Wille the Manager, I’ve always respected Willie the Man. Now? I don’t know how I feel.

It’s worth noting that were the Wilpons to wake up and fire Willie today, there would be an outcry that a black manager had been axed on the heels of speaking out against “the man.” It would be impossible to fire the guy now without the race card starring front and center. And imagine if they brought a white guy in here to run the ship? We’d never hear the end of it.

If any of this factored into Willie’s thinking, if he at all hoped to buy himself some time by tying his owners’ hands, well, shame on Willie. He’s less of a man than I thought.

However, I’m speculating now, and for the time being, let’s give Willie the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume his remarks were not motivated by self-preservation. Regardless of his intent, I think we can all agree that getting steamrolled by the Braves in the wake of these comments is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the manager.

When asked for his thoughts on all of this controversy, Ryan Church gazed curiously into space with glassy eyes and a blank, uncomprehending expression.

In case you missed it, the nightcap of the doubleheader concluded on a game-ending double play in which Church got absolutely wrecked trying to break up the play at second base. Braves shortstop Yunel Escobor completed the play and drop-kicked Church in the process. The Mets are calling the injury a “mild concussion,” but as’s Marty Noble states, “there’s no such thing as a mild concussion less than three months after another concussion.”

And on that note, I think it might officially be time to throw optimism out the window. Perhaps that other shoe has finally dropped. The Mets would be absolutely lost without the contributions of Ryan Church this season, and Willie Randolph might already be out of a job without his stud rightfielder. I’m not sure I can envision this team remaining competitive (if you can call it that) without Church in the lineup.

No Church means Luis Castillo is your everyday No. 2 hitter. No Church means Carlos Delgado hits no later than sixth in this lineup. No Church means Delgado will hit as high as fifth on days when Moises Alou is off or injured. No Church means, yes Joe, this team is toasted.

And so is the manager.

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  1. 1 On May 22nd, 2008, Thomas Magnum said:

    I hope to get quite a backlash of comments here, but please keep in mind before replying that the Yankees should never be relevant at all to this conversation. Here goes!!!

    1) Willie: What is it about him that Met fans want fired?

    2) Why do Met fans think their team should be any better than they are performing? And who convinced them that this team is worth a damn?

    Thank you.

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