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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

“The Process Has Started” – Joba The Starter

Yankees Rumors & News

Last night Joe Girardi announced to the world that the “process has started” with Joba Chamberlain. To many fans and many critics it was an announcement that has been long overdue. To some, it’s a decision in question.

To any Yankee fan, you know whether Joba pitches from the bullpen or in the starting rotation he’s an important piece to the team now and in the future. There’s no debate that he will be a starter next season, a season where the Yankees will need valuable arms in the rotation. Mike Mussina and Andy Pettitte could be on their last legs in pinstripes this season so the move to the rotation for Joba is logical. The question is whether the Yanks can win with Joba making this transition in the middle of the season.

Personally, I love Joba in the 8th inning. He comes in and blows away hitters, he ignites the crowd and brings an abundance of energy with him to the mound. He’s the perfect set-up guy …

Italian Prospect Could Fit D’Antoni, Knicks

Knicks Rumors & News

Minutes following Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery, posted a mock draft from Chad Ford, projecting that the Knicks would select 6’10” Italian point-forward Danilo Gallinari with the 6th overall selection. A day later, and Inside Hoops had followed suit, and how can you blame them? Wrote Ford:

[Derrick] Rose was the Knicks’ primary target, but with Gallinari, new head coach Mike D’Antoni lands the perfect weapon for his new team: a 6-10 point forward who knows how to think the game. D’Antoni played with Gallinari’s father in the Italian League for eight years and knows how good the versatile Italian forward really is.

The ESPN Insider scouting report on the forward reads as follows:

Positives: All-around skills. Point-forward mentality. Beautiful passer. Excellent basketball IQ. Smooth. Excellent slasher to the basket. Good athlete, though not an exceptional one. Good shooter, especially from midrange.

Negatives: He lacks explosiveness. Although he’s not slow footed, he’s not exactly quick either. May be a little too …

What do the numbers really say about Jeremy Shockey?

Giants Rumors & News

Jeremy Shockey’s chief complaint with the New York Giants for the past couple of seasons is that the ball just doesn’t come his way often enough. Let’s look at the hard numbers and see just how valid his complaint is.

In Shockey’s rookie season, 2002, he led all tight ends with 74 catches. In 2006, the last full season he played, he caught 66 passes, a good number that placed him 5th among all tight ends. Last season he had 57 catches in 14 games — a number that means he would have roughly equaled 2006 if he had played all 16 games.

So, Shockey hardly has a beef if his contention is that the Giants ignore him on offense.

Let’s look deeper than just the number of catches to see how effective Shockey has been.

Football Outsiders uses a couple of statistics One, called “Defense-adjusted Points Above Replacement” or DPAR to rank players at each position. Another, “Defense-adjusted Value Over Average” or DVOA, represent value per play.

When looking at tight ends, …

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