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You can almost see the high-water mark for the New Mets – that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back. It was a highlight reel catch from Endy Chavez in Game 7 of the the 2006 NLCS, and the orange and blue have receded ever since.

Whether or not you believe this team has been dragged down by the bad karma of 2007, let’s agree that this team stinks.

The lowlight for me? Hearing the loudmouths in the dwindling Shea crowd chant “Fire Willie” during the game’s final innings.

So Knicks fans have abandoned the hardwood and shown up en masse at the ballpark? Is that what we’ve sunk to in Flushing? Is it idiocy, ignorance? It smells a little bit.

And speaking of smells, how has Omar come out smelling like a rose through all of this? His parachuting act into Colorado was clearly brilliantly deployed; and thank goodness for an injury to Marlon Anderson or we might still be fielding infielders in the outfield. With a career-long platoon player in one corner and an oft-injured 41-year-old in the other, what exactly was Plan B in the corner outfield spots? Angel Pagan? Fernando Tatis? Ricky Ledee was unavailable, I presume.

I’m an Omar fan, but fair is fair. How exactly Willie Randolph has earned the status of poster boy for this group’s underachievement is beyond my understanding. Fans think Aaron Heilman is a bum, fans think Carlos Delgado is a bum, fans think Luis Castillo is a bum, fans think Carlos Beltran is a bum. With all these bums, it’s amazing Willie wins any games at all.

As far as I’m concerned, the bloom is off the rose for this entire baseball operations, and that includes the players, coaches, management and ownership. Willie did not conduct himself with much class or composure this past week, but the Wilpons accomplished nothing by dragging their embattled manager in front of them this morning and calling a press conference to announce the man won’t be fired. Didn’t we go through this in the offseason?

Poor Willie, forced to sit though his own very merry unresignation.

Omar spoke of putting past events behind and moving forward, but that’s little consolation for a manager whose job status is no more secure than it was yesterday, and whose team fell 6.5 behind the front-running Marlins tonight.

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