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I understand Joba Chamberlain is now going to start, and that that ship has sailed, so let’s look at the situation as it presents itself today. The Yanks have now lost two games when, had Joba been available in the pen, he would have made an appearance.

Last night Joba certainly would have been in the game, however because the game was lost in extra innings, it is hard to predict if he would have been used in the 7th and 8th or 11th and 12th, and whether or not the outcome would have been any different had he pitched. Monday’s loss, however, can almost directly be attributed to Joba’s unavailability as the Baltimore Orioles blitzkrieged the Yankee bullpen for five runs in the seventh inning.

LaTroy Hawkins and Kyle Farnsworth are proving that given the responsibility, they are not going to cut it – an eventuality that most observers predicted all along. I suspect that Ian Kennedy might get dumped to the pen, or be traded to a crappy team in a crappy market where he can grow up without the bright lights on him. If he goes to the pen, the Yanks have no idea how he will be in a supporting role, and are just taking another gamble. Phil Hughes is not even on the radar right now.

Moreover, today’s announcement that Kennedy is headed to the DL has to worry fans who are concerned about Joba’s health as he makes this precarious midseason transition into the rotation. Could Kennedy’s injury push the organization to slot Joba in for Kennedy’s next turn on June 2nd? Such a move would certainly exceed the cautious time table that the team has laid out for their fist-pumping phenom.

The only thing I know for sure is that the Yankee bullpen is a mess, and with Joba moving to the rotation, I see no calvary in sight.

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  1. 1 On May 30th, 2008, Joe said:

    The Yankees as great as an organization as they are are approching this season as if they can win……Lets face it they dont have the rotation to be a world series champion. I love the Yankees and though I think Brian Cashman is a good GM he has made some very memorable mistakes and I think not getting Johan is going to come back and finally bite hime by the All star break if the Yankees are still in the basement of the AL East. Putting Joba in this questionable rotation is a rediculous move why change the only “SURE” thing your club has to offer at this point. He should be the 8th inning guy until Mariano is ready to retire thus handing the tourch to Joba. The intensity level Joba posseses is not easy to find and thats the type of intensity you need to close games in NY. Bad Move on the part of the “Higher ups”. Only time will tell if they are right but me being a life long Yankee diehard I only look forward to one thing this year and thats the All-Star game!!!!.

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