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Do you remember how you felt the first time you saw Apollo Creed step into the ring with Drago in Rocky IV? Fire works! Liv-in’ in America! Our African American Uncle Sam dancing around like a rock star. Apollo kept punching Drago but it didn’t even faze the giant Russian. You knew something bad was going to happen to Apollo. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!…death…

This is how it felt watching the US Soccer Team play a friendly against England at Wembley stadium Wednesday. It’s not the first time I’ve felt this way watching the Red White and Blue play other national teams. Remember the Czech Republic in the last World Cup (I still don’t know how that ball didn’t put a hole in our net)? We’re supposed to be a world class team. We’ve got players who start in the Premier League, we beat Mexico for the Gold Cup (we’ve beaten them the last ten times we played them on US soil), and the last game we played was a route of Poland (they’re good!).

England was patient if nothing else while we were dull and unable to control the ball. Where is our Wayne Rooney? Where is the player on our team that gives opposing keepers sleepless nights? Yes Landon Donovon wasn’t on the field (groin injury) but he is not an imposing figure on the pitch to say the least. Homey might have 35 goals but he rarely scores anytime other than when he takes a penalty kick.

Without a prolific goal scorer we’re sitting ducks waiting for Drago to throw a right-cross and blow us out of the water. I’m hoping that Freddie Adu will be that offensive weapon we’re waiting for but against England he had limited playing time and was tentative at best. Maybe it’s time for him to start and with World Cup qualifying right around the corner, sooner would be better than later. This Sunday we line up for another friendly against Spain and this one could get ugly if we don’t show up to play. Spain is gearing up for the Euro Cup and will be well oiled. The following Sunday our boys face off against another world class team in Argentina. These are the last two opportunities for Coach Bradly to tinker with his roster before qualifying begins and shrugging off ugly losses ends. If nothing changes I have a pretty good idea how this movie wraps up.

By the way, the game against Argentina is at Giants stadium and over fifty thousand tickets have already been sold. You, me, and everybody else knows that the majority of people at the stadium aren’t there to support the Red, White, and Blue.

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