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Monday, June 30th, 2008

Upcoming 9 Big For Yankees

Yankees Rumors & News

It’s the end of June and the Yankees find themselves in third place, five and a half games behind the first-place Tampa Rays. That can all change in just 10 days as a few key match ups put the Yankees in a good position to move up in the standings.

The Yankees are 16-and-8 since June 4 and hope to continue their winning ways as they take on the Texas Rangers at home. The Rangers are one game above a .500 winning percentage and have struggled to stay at that point all season. Aside from their mediocre record they are facing two of New York’s best pitchers in Mike Mussina and Joba Chamberlain.

Meanwhile the Boston Red Sox host the Tampa Bay Rays in a three-game series. No matter what the outcome of that series the Yankees will have the opportunity to move up in the AL East standings, the AL Wild Card, or both.

After those pair of series …

Hot Stove New York Baseball Trades Quiz

Mets Rumors & NewsYankees Rumors & News

Here is a quiz all about baseball trades that have gone down in New York sports history. As always, there are no prizes so don’t get too excited if you know all the answers.
1. Which 1986 Met was once traded for Jerry Koosman?
2. Who did the Yankees trade to Montreal for John Wetteland?
3. What team did the Brooklyn Dodgers trade Jackie Robinson to? (He refused to go and retired instead.)
4. In one of the great trades in Yankees history, they sent Danny Cater to Boston for Sparky Lyle. But when the Yanks first traded for Cater, they sent which pitcher, who would later be a part of baseball history, to Oakland for him?
5. Gil Hodges was traded by the Mets to become …

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Subway Series: The Next Generation

Mets Rumors & NewsYankees Rumors & News

The Mets and Yankees embarked on a four-game series (one in the Bronx, three in Queens) to see who would be crowned king of New York. The younger generation of owners, Hank Steinbrenner and Jeff Wilpon, doesn’t seem to hold any animosity toward each other though. In fact they confer with each other all the time, and often look to their mentor, James Dolan, for advice. “The three of us have all earned our positions of power the old-fashioned way. It’s our allowance from our fathers,” said Wilpon. “We’re always running things by each other. When James was looking to hire a new coach, he told me he saw some film of a high school coach named Ken Reeves. He was impressed by how he took control of his team by making his star player, Coolidge, run extra laps after practice for being a wisenheimer. I had to tell him that was just an episode of ‘The White Shadow.’ …

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Game 2: Ponson, Abreu Lead Yanks To Victory in Nightcap

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As if Game 1 wasn’t bad enough for the Yankees, in Game 2 of the doubleheader they called on Sidney Ponson to lead the way. Oh boy….

You know what, Ponson wasn’t bad at all. Thank goodness. He gave the Yankees excatly what they needed. A quick turn-around after Game 1’s disaster. He gave them 6 shutout innings. You couldn’t ask for more. Bobby Abreu also helped the Yank’s cause with a 4 for 4, 3 RBI performance.

This, from the Yankees stadnpoint was the type of game you wanted. Good pitching by Ponson, a good performance by the offense and good work by the bullpen. Pedro Martinez starting for the Mets was ineffective. He gave up 6 runs, walked 5 in his 5.2 innings of work.

“I’m not doing my job,” Martinez said. “It’s time to be getting better, not getting worse.”

With the 9-0 win by the Bombers, it gives them their first win of …

Game 1: Delgado, Mets Slam Yanks

Mets Rumors & NewsYankees Rumors & News

Yesterday was quite the day for New York baseball. One of those days that rarely happen, which makes it more memorable. Both the Mets and Yankees didn’t disappoint as both teams won a game to split the home and home twinbill.

Game 1:

Carlos Delgado was the story. He hit 2 HR’s and had a Mets franchise record 9 RBI. The same Carlos Delgado that the NY Post wanted out of town. Make no mistake about it, Delgado still has something left in him, or was it a result of the bad pitching he faced? Whatever the case may be, his 2 HRs were some of the longest HR’s you will ever see hit at Yankee Stadium. If you have not seen them, then I’d suggest you make it to business to YouTube it or turn on ESPN. I’m not sure those balls Delgado hit have landed yet.

Dan Giese got the start and pitched poorly. He threw 100 plus pitches in 4 plus innings. He got …

Friday, June 27th, 2008
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Often times in All-Star games, the most popular player instead of the most deserving player is voted in. However, this year I was shocked to see that for the majority of the positions that the fans got it right this season. Below is a breakdown of who is the current vote leader and which player I feel deserves the opportunity most.
American League

1B: Current Leader – Kevin Youkilis (.303 avg, 13 HR, 47 RBI, 47 R, 81 H)
Most deserving – Justin Morneau (.310 avg, 12 HR, 62 RBI, 43 R, 95 H)
Reserve – Kevin Youkilis (.303 avg, 13 HR, 47 RBI, 47 R, 81 H)
2B: Current Leader – Dustin Pedroia
Most deserving – Ian Kinsler (.310 avg, 13 HR, 49 RBI, 19 SB, 67 R, 102 H)
Reserves – Dustin Pedroia (.291 avg, 7 HR, 34 RBI, 8 SB, 48 R, 94 H) and Brian Roberts (.296 avg, 5 HR, …

Chi la dura la vince! (He who perseveres, wins)

Knicks Rumors & News

Dear Danilo Gallinari,

First of all, welcome to New York City! Please don’t let those boos you heard on Thursday bother you. You’re a perfect fit for the City and Knicks fans were going to raise hell no matter who was picked. You’ll have to forgive us- I mean them. The only fun they’ve had the last two seasons was centered around booing and chants for certain heads to roll. I would tell you to go ahead and block out the whole experience, but next season will most definitely start off a little rocky. You’re going to need to understand where the boos come from and then I think you’ll learn to embrace them…to draw a certain kind of ironic strength from those boos. Quel che non ammazza, ingrassa.

In recent years Knicks fans have been treated like abused puppies. They’ve been kicked around so much they’ve lost all hope. What should be a flagship sports franchise …

Mets Rumors & NewsYankees Rumors & News

Who is the best shortstop in New York? Who’s the best center fielder? The best closer? Who cares. Here’s the real tale of the tape when comparing the two New York baseball teams. (Warning: This is not a statistical analysis of performance but a subjective breakdown on crazy things that pop into my head.)
Pretty Boys – Derek Jeter vs. David Wright: Jeter has his own cologne. He’s dated every actress from Jessica Biel to Betty White. And he was metrosexual before metrosexual was cool (ok, so it was never cool). Women at Shea hold up signs of proposal for Wright. He has Justin Timberlake, Kirk Cameron, David Cassidy–like good looks (choose one, depending on your age). And he doesn’t even have to shave yet. Verdict: Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter, so Derek Jeter wins.
Rock Stars – Joba Chamberlain vs. Pedro Martinez: They only need one …

Hot Stove: Rangers Rumors

Rangers Rumors & News

It’s looking like any move the Rangers make this off-season is going to have to wait until after Jaromir Jagr has decided what he wants to do.

That’s because general manager Glen Sather has a man-crush on the 36-year-old winger and doesn’t want to mess with the team’s salary cap until he finds out how much Jagr wants.

Which is why Sather has reportedly turned down an offer from Michal Rozsival of $20 million over four years. It also means that the Rangers will not reach an agreement with defenseman Brian Campbell, who they have the rights to negotiate with, but could be asking for as much as $7 million per. Finally it’s the reason why wingers Sean Avery and Brendan Shanahan have been waiting for any further Ranger offers.

How much will Jagr want? Well according to an unnamed source in the NY Post, Omsk of the Russian Super League has made him a formal offer which is in …

Nets Rumors & News

The last 48 hours for the New Jersey Nets have been both hectic and gratifying. Before last night’s NBA Draft, the Nets traded Richard Jefferson to the Milwaukee Bucks for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. While both Yi and Simmons have talent, this trade was done to free up salary cap space for when Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh become free agents in a couple years. 

In last night’s draft, the Nets did a fantastic job in putting together a winning team around a future superstar. With the 10th pick overall, many suspected the Nets to draft the likes of Texas A & M Center Deandre Jordan (who was drafted 35th by the  Elgin “Wait.. there’s a draft tonight”? Baylor and the LA Clippers) or Louisiana State Forward Anthony Randolph (14th by the Golden State Warriors).

Instead the Nets were able to land one of the predicted top 5 picks in the draft in Stanford Center, and one half of what …

As if a 4-12 Season Wasn’t Bad Enough…

Jets Rumors & News

I remember looking at the Jets schedule for 2007, seeing the season finale was against Herm Edwards’ Chiefs, and licking my chops. Herm was back in the Meadowlands and the game would have playoff implications. I wanted to be there. Four months later when I landed a ticket the only implications the game held were for drafting order. Still, I wanted to see my boys send Herm home a loser. I was going to the game. It didn’t matter that it was freezing, sleeting, snowing, and raining (it really did all those things during the game). It didn’t matter that I was coming off of four hours of sleep. It didn’t even matter that there was a good chance the Jets themselves wouldn’t show up to the game (well they didn’t show up most of last season). I was going to the gosh darn football game and I was going to have a good time.

Well, not so …

Thursday, June 26th, 2008
Knicks Rumors & News

Stay classy, New York City.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe my ears when the Garden faithful loudly booed Danilo Gallinari whenever his face was flashed across ESPN’s cameras.  Hey, I still have nightmares of Frederic Weis just like the rest of you, so I understand where you’re coming from.  But this draft got a whole lot less interesting for the Knicks as soon as they lost out on the opportunity to move up to a top-3 selection.  Are Knicks fans so convinced that Gallinari is a bum compared to the likes of guys like Kevin Love, Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook, etc.?  Better question: Are Knick fans that ignorant?

According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, despite the fact that new Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni played ball with Gallinari’s father in Italy, D’Antoni wasn’t initially a fan of the younger Gallinari’s game until Gallinari’s …

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