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How ironic. In a move to throw a bone to an angry fan base, Mets ownership paints the bull’s eye squarely on their own classless and clueless faces. Fred, Jeff, congratulations: You are well on your way to cementing your legacy as the most beloved baseball executives in New York since Walter O’Malley.

After enduring weeks upon weeks of Willie Watch, which grew to a crescendo over the weekend when’s Jon Heyman reported on Friday that Willie and/or his coaching staff could be out of work as soon as that evening, Mets management allowed their manager a Father’s Day split and even paid his plane fare to Los Angeles – how generous – before dispatching GM Omar Minaya to finally mercifully (mercilessly) lower the ax…in a hotel room, at 3 a.m., following a 9-6 road victory over the AL West division-leading Angels. You can’t make it up. You can’t even wrap your mind around it. It’s mindless, it’s senseless, and it stinks like shit.

This morning on, Matt Cerrone writes that he is “convinced information was intentionally leaked to the media [last week] in an effort to force Omar Minaya’s hand.” If Matt’s suspicions are correct – and I trust his instincts here – then what else can be said? Words fall short. Disingenuous? Gutless? Classless? None of them do this situation justice.

Pig vomit. That’s how I’d describe it. Putrid, stinking pig vomit.

In the last ten months this franchise has engineered a collapse of historic proportions, invested $150 million in a pitcher scouts believe is on the back end of his career, completely bungled and jeopardized the health of their top performer this season, and now, this.

And make no mistake, this is entirely about 2007. Because Jeff Wilpon wanted blood after the way last season ended, and Omar Minaya was able to protect and insulate his manager. But in the end, Jeff got his way, and we shouldn’t have expected anything less from a middle-age brat choking on his father’s money.

So there you have it. The Mets are a disgrace. A Mickey Mouse organization, as Wayne Gretzky once famously called the Jersey Devils. So, have at it, Yankee fans. My brethren and I are at your mercy – and Scott Kazmir is no longer the low point of our fandom.

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