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League commissioners are rarely popular figures amongst fans, however NHL commish Gary Bettman won himself a few fans in New York yesterday when the National Hockey League filed court papers seeking suspension or termination of Madison Square Garden, L.P.’s ownership of the New York Rangers.

The NHL is accusing the Garden (which is owned by Cablevision, of course) of breach of contract following a dispute last September over control of the team’s web site – a dispute that ultimately wound up in court when MSG sued the league for violating antitrust laws. A judge ruled in favor of the NHL, which holds full control over promotion of its product and subsidiaries, however, evidently the saga won’t end there.

Apparently, a provision in the league’s agreement with all its ownership groups bans owners from challenging the NHL’s constitution or its league rules or procedures in court, which is exactly what the Garden did last September. According to the league, such a violation can lead to disciplinary proceedings in which a vote of three-quarters of the league’s members can rule to fine, suspend, or order a sale of the club.


Predictably, the Garden has responded by accusing the NHL of “bullying tactics,” and while this feud promises to get a bit uglier before it’s all said and done, the notion that Cablevision could be ousted from its ownership position is simply too good to be true. More likely than not, the Garden will receive a slap on the wrist here. A guy can dream though, can’t he?

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  1. 1 On June 19th, 2008, J Atwood said:

    If MSG,L.P. was forced to sell the Rangers, would they still play at MSG?

  2. 2 On June 19th, 2008, gozer said:

    that’s one of the many reasons i can’t see this ever happening. the rangers aren’t there own entity, they’re under the Garden umbrella – I don’t know the procedure for breaking apart something like that, but if it’s possible, it can’t be easy. if the rangers were sold independently, then they would have to lease time at the Garden – and the Dolans are such class acts, I could see them refusing to lease the space just out of spite. i could see cablevision selling the whole Garden before I see the Rangers being stripped out from underneath them – and i don’t see either happening.

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