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I remember looking at the Jets schedule for 2007, seeing the season finale was against Herm Edwards‘ Chiefs, and licking my chops. Herm was back in the Meadowlands and the game would have playoff implications. I wanted to be there. Four months later when I landed a ticket the only implications the game held were for drafting order. Still, I wanted to see my boys send Herm home a loser. I was going to the game. It didn’t matter that it was freezing, sleeting, snowing, and raining (it really did all those things during the game). It didn’t matter that I was coming off of four hours of sleep. It didn’t even matter that there was a good chance the Jets themselves wouldn’t show up to the game (well they didn’t show up most of last season). I was going to the gosh darn football game and I was going to have a good time.

Well, not so much.

I remember talking to my buddy that afternoon. With the horrendous weather and the meaninglessness of the game it took a little convincing. Finally, after I brought up the “good football karma we would accrue” he was back on board to meet me at the gate. The Jets needed all the good karma they could get and there were worse things than having a few beers with a friend on a Sunday afternoon in front of tackle football.

I walked up the ramp to our section and headed straight to the beer stand. That…was….closed. Closed? Yup. I walked a little further. “Beer?” “No beer today.” “Which way to the beer? ” “No beer today.” “Anywhere?” “Not in this stadium. Not at this game.”

What the hell is going on? Here I am. A grown ass man (or at least I pass for one sometimes) and I’m not allowed to buy a beer at a football game?!!! An eight dollar-tastes-like-garbage-water-beer at that! Who are you to tell me that there will be no beer at this game? You sure as hell didn’t say that when the schedule was released. There was no asterisk. There was no, “The Chiefs are coming to town and you’ve been baaaaad little Jets fans so no beer for you” disclaimer anywhere on any program, on any ticket, or on the team’s website. Douche… Bags. That’s what you are.

I proceeded to freeze my butt off in the rain, snow, sleet, then more rain. I was one pissed off Jets fan. This was the second time the Meadowlands had ruined my beer plans this season.

I attended the Jets-Dolphins game in week 3. An announcement had been made something to the effect of, “There will be no beer sales following the third quarter.” At halftime they shut down the beer vendors. “Why,” you ask? “But the announcement-” I was angry (you won’t like me when I’m angry). Never tell a bartender that they can’t drink anymore after they’ve worked the last three nights in a row. I had gotten thousands of people drunk and been forced to deal with them for hours. I want a MOTHER F#*&#@$%#^%$^&& BEER!

“Why are you closed at halftime when you said you’d close at the end of the third quarter?” That was my question to the beer vendor I had cornered. There were no police near. It was just me and her and I was getting my answer.

The vendor looked me in the eye and said, “We did it so you wouldn’t know.” That’s what she said. I took that to mean that they were lying deceiving evil people who hated the Jets. Lucky for everyone involved I travel with tequila.

Unprofessional Stupid Disrespectful Communists. Fun hating Fascists. Rip off artists. Nazis. This is America. Here in this country we embrace freedom. Beer and sports go hand in hand. Were the fans at Giants games cut off early once last season? I know they never had a “dry” game. You might want to bring up the whole “Show me your boobs outside section D” thing but that story broke in November. The Dolphin’s game was in September.

That\'s me pissed at how lame the gifts were for Wayne Chrebet

Having to sit through last season was awful enough without having our faces rubbed in donkey butter by the NFL, or the Meadowlands, or the New Jersey Sports Authoriity, or whoever’s idea it was to torture us. There is absolutely no reason for Jets fans to be singled out and treated like 4th graders. The “show your boobs” thing happens at Giants games too. What do you think would happen if Eagles fans were forced to sit through a “dry” game? Those dudes booed Santa! Ever go to a game in New Orleans? They serve Jack Daniels (and everything else) until the stadium empties out. This would never happen to Patriots fans. No Sam Adams and the Chowdah Heads would get retahhded. You get the picture I’m finger painting here? Middle finger painting…

Hopefully this is all behind us now. I’m not just talking about the beer discrimination. I’m talking about trying to play football without a left guard. I’m talking about an offense that wouldn’t scare my little niece’s tee-ball team. I’m talking about disgruntled veterans. Well, that will never go away. Actually, the 2008 season doesn’t look so promising what with having to play the Pats twice and Parcells down in Miami. Thinking back on last season, the last thing the Jet’s organization wants is for its fans to sober up. We might stop blaming quarterbacks and coaches. We all know it’s not a very classy organization. Take a guess what they gave Wayne Chrebet at halftime of that Dolphins game……………………………………………………………… A watch and a framed jersey!!!!

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