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In need of an emergency starter during the double-header against the Mets last week the Yankees went with Sidney Ponson. Ponson couldn’t have pitched much better and picked up the win as the Yanks topped the team from Queens 9-0.

The Yankees would have been better off winning that game 9-8 as the unlikely success of Ponson just leadthe team into thinking they had a halfway reliable starter in the 31-year-old pitcher. But they didn’t, Ponson shut the Mets out and the Bombers thought they had another Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon.

But they don’t, they have a 260 pound pitcher who’s been cut more times than a homeless guy living underneath the Triborough Bridge. The Yankees would have been better off starting Dan Giese or even the other recently released pitcher Chacon.

Instead they decided to stick it out with Ponson. The result was a wasted lead in the sixth inning tonight against the Texas Rangers when his lifeless fastball lead to a four run inning off a pair of two-run shots. Perhaps even worse the Yankees are now poised to fall even further behind the first place Rays and have perhaps squandered their best chance to make up ground in the AL East race.

The next time the Yankees are going to need a fifth starter isn’t going to be until July 12 against the Toronto Blue Jays. I hope when that date rolls around it won’t be Ponson who gets the call. There isn’t much depth to the Yankee rotation, but they do have better options. Like I said they can use Giese, but if they don’t like that option they can sign Chacon as he doesn’t seem to have many suitors. If the team doesn’t like either of those options they can call up Ian Kennedy, Jeff Karstens (last resort?), or even Daniel McCutchen.

My point is just because Ponson has been getting lucky doesn’t make him a good pitcher and he shouldn’t be trusted. A 4-1 record can’t hide a 1.56 WHIP or a .307 batting average against. With those numbers the Yankees might as well have David Wells going out to the mound.

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  1. 1 On July 2nd, 2008, Anonymous said:

    Lucky? He’s got a 5-1 record, he wins ballgames, everybody has an off day! And management shouldn’t have allowed him to pitch the 6th after allowing the 2 run homerun.
    He was not on his best night, give it a rest.
    The Yankees won!

    A Yankee and Sidney Ponson fan in Aruba!

  2. 2 On July 4th, 2008, Judge Knott said:

    Two games so far in 2008 as a Yankee…wow, glad I’m not subject to this harsh criticism! I’ve had enough off days (and maybe even some incidents of conduct unbecoming a teammate) that my job would be toast, well, years ago!

    You don’t even think maybe he WAS a bit too intense (or intentionally the opposite) facing a team he’d been on a month ago? Sidney is human, always has been emotional, and used to blow leads like that when younger. Actually, many good pitchers seem to pitch badly with big leads…and at least he could go five, there have been times in the past where that was hard. And if you followed him as I do, you’d realize he was really off, because he gave up more fly balls than grounders, and that is NOT Sidney! And read his comments, his catcher’s too…he is well aware he had messed-up mechanics, and his catcher agreed. He will make changes, and hopefully things will go better. Overall, his 2008 has been pretty decent- The hits, the WHiP, the BAA-Sid has guts, he pitches to make batters put the ball in play, hits will happen, especially on the Rangers…and the doublepalys he induces are great, but when you face less batters by getting two outs for one, that hurts your stats! So I really figure that Bill James-ish number manipulation doesn’t apply too much to Ponson.
    Sidney Ponson can pitch, and I hope if the Yankees don’t want him, someone else will! He can do the job somewhere in MLB, but he does need the chance!

    I’ll be a Yankee fan as long as Sidney is a Yankee-and I’ll be a fan of whatever team he gets on after. Sidney makes baseball fun for me, because he is no robot! I like his comments on his games, and I wish he’d trust the media more and get interviewed on other subjects, too. Wish some wouldn’t take him and his uniqueness so seriously as a threat. Sidney rocks!

  3. 3 On July 4th, 2008, Thomas Magnum said:

    Wow. Sidney Ponson is a bad pitcher AND visits blogs under the alias Judge Knott!!! Is there anything this guy can’t do, besides pitch?

  4. 4 On July 4th, 2008, Rob Abruzzese said:

    Drive sober?

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