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Keith Hernandez is an MVP, two-time World Series winner and 11-time Gold Glover. He’s kissed Elaine Benes and does goofy commercials with Walt Frazier. And he’s settling in nicely in his third year at SNY. Whether he’s calling Nationals relief pitcher Jon Rauch a wookie or teaching us about Brezhnev and the Politburo, Hernandez is the most entertaining announcer in baseball. He’s the perfect partner to go along with Gary Cohen (the true professional) and Ron Darling (the intellectual).

His knowledge of the game is unmatched, but what makes him the best is his unfiltered mind. He apparently doesn’t use the “cough button” on his mike. He can get into trouble as he did two years ago when he spotted a woman in the San Diego Padres’ dugout, who unknown to him was part of their training staff, and stated “Women don’t belong in the dugout.” Or maybe even peeve off his bosses a little by replying to this in-game question from a fan back in May, “What can baseball do to shorten its games?” Without missing a beat, he said, “Less commercials.” He speaks his mind and that’s good for us. He often doesn’t have a lot of patience for today’s video-game-playing, non-hustling players. And he’s not a shill for the team. If a Mets player does something wrong, he’ll let the viewer know.

But mostly, he’s just plain fun. His mustache is legendary and has taken on a life of its own. If he won’t ever get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, surely his cookie duster will be enshrined in the Facial Hair Hall of Fame. His love of Strat-O-Matic baseball comes out in almost every broadcast, and you can probably create a great drinking game revolving around every time he tells a story about seeing Juan Marichal and Sandy Koufax pitch back in the ’60s. We know he wears crocs because they help his back. We know he liked to have a post-game adult beverage back in his day. We know that his dog’s name is Duncan. We know about his brother, Gary. We know he likes the old Oakland A’s uniforms. We know he likes lollipops. We know because he tells us everything that’s on his mind.

His zaniness may be rivaling another New York broadcasting legend: Phil Rizzuto. Besides their non-baseball stories and quips, they have a lot in common. They both had their pop culture moment in time―Keith on “Seinfeld,” Rizzuto appearing on Meat Loaf’s hit song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” They’re both well-known pitch men―Hernandez, of course, for Just For Men, while Rizzuto had his Money Store commercials way back when. They each have a unique style of keeping score while broadcasting a game―Hernandez has his multicolored markers to keep track of the different pitchers used, and Rizzuto had his famous scoring mark of “WW”―Wasn’t Watching. And both had classic baseball nicknames―Mex and Scooter.

Sure, Hernandez can be arrogant, but it’s the whole package of the man that makes him interesting. He can analyze a swing, break down a defense, tell us what it’s like to face major league pitching, weave a tale about Bake McBride, critique a Deep Purple album, run through who wore what number on the old AFL San Diego Chargers, tell us his lawn needs mowing and expound on General MacArthur. All in the same game. That’s because he’s Keith Hernandez. And he can do anything he wants.

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