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When I am bored, whether it be in the office or at home, I am not one to put on WFAN to listen to what people have to say about the Yankees or the Mets. My friend said he was listening to the incomparable Ann Liguori one night on the radio and she made a pretty bold statement that caught my friend’s attention. She said that when the Mets outfield consists of Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez, and Ryan Church, that it is the best defensive outfield in baseball.  

Upon hearing this, my friend called me to tell of this blasphemous statement and how she couldn’t be any more wrong. While I agree with Ms. Liguouri that that is a very good defensive outfield, it is very hard to say that it is the best. Now I am hoping that she did in fact say this, and that I dont sound like an idiot for the next few minutes, but I am going to bring up other outfields in baseball that can match the previously named trio. 

Los Angeles Angles of AnaheimTorii Hunter, Gary Matthews Jr., Garret Anderson: Torii, who for some reason spells his name like a pornstar, is possibly one of the greatest center fielders of all-time and will finish with a trillion Gold Gloves. Gary Matthews also plays exceptional defense and basically any fly ball hit to the right side of the outfield is going to be caught someway, somehow. While Anderson doesn’t help the defensive side of the outfield, both Matthews and Hunter make up for the negative Anderson brings. In addition, Reggie Willits, the backup left fielder to Anderson, has a ton of range and a pretty strong arm to go along with it.  

Arizona Diamondbacks- Eric Byrnes, Chris B. Young, Justin Upton: Talk about a speedy outfield, I am surprised any balls drop in that ballpark. While Byrnes is on the DL, when healthy he plays with reckless abandon and no care for his own personal health. Young and Upton both have cannons for arms and cover so much ground their nickname should be UPS. Scary thing about Young and Upton are that they are still learning to play and will get better on both sides of the ball with time. While Upton does has 8 errors his year, he does have 6 assists as well and in time those errors will go away. 

Colorado Rockies- Matt Holiday, Willy Tavarez, Brad Hawpe: This Outfield is probably one of the more underrated in the game. Coors field has just as much, if not more, room in its outfield than any other ballpark. Hawpe has one of the top 5 strongest arms in the league and guys don’t even run on him anymore. He also covers a decent amount of ground, and has help on his left in Willy Tavarez. Tavarez doesn’t have the arm but his glove and speed are just as good as anyone else’s. Even Holliday is a good defensive outfielder, but he gets overlooked for his offensive contributions.

Boston Red Sox- Jacoby Ellsbury, CoCo Crisp, J.D. Drew: As much as i may hate to admit it, this outfield is just as good as that Mets outfield. Ellsbury and Crisp cover a lot of ground and while Crisp can’t get the ball back into 2nd base sometimes, he makes so many great catches it’s had to ignore his defense. In Right Field, Drew covers a good amount of ground in that spacious right field of Fenway park and has one of the stronger arms in the league. Ellsbury does it all from fielding to throwing and is only going to get better with more experience. 

As for the Mets outfield, it is a very solid defensive outfield, but i don’t think it can be recognized as one of the best in the league. While it may measure up to these other tandems, it has plenty of flaws as well. Church covers a decent amount of ground and has had an impressive arm this season, though doesn’t have the reputation of having too strong of an arm. He also has some difficulty going back on well-hit balls. Beltran plays too deep in Center Field and should maybe bring it in a couple steps. Chavez has great legs but an inconsistent arm. While it is one of the top defensive trios in the league, i think it’s hard to say its the best. 

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  1. 1 On July 7th, 2008, B.A. Baracus said:

    In that alignment (Endy-Beltran-Church), the best fielder of the three is playing left field – hardly a recipe for success. Move Church to left, Beltran to right, and Endy to center, then maybe we can talk. Ellsbury-Crisp-Drew takes the cake for me. Drew is more than adequate, while Crisp and Ellsbury are two of the best outfield gloves I’ve seen in recent years. The notion of them sharing time in the same outfield is just scary.

  2. 2 On July 7th, 2008, gozer said:

    can’t help that beltran appears to be flubbing a ball in that photo haha

  3. 3 On July 7th, 2008, Andrew Feingold said:

    I like the red sox outfield more and there is a good article in sportingnews magazine citing their success with Ortiz out…Ann is just like some Met fans who overrate their players

  4. 4 On July 7th, 2008, Kwame Flaherty said:

    I think the Red Sox outfield is the best of that group. I don’t think Arizona can be in this arguement, Upton is fast but takes terrible routes to the ball. The Mets outfield can probably out throw all of the groups mentioned, but I agree that Beltran plays too deep in center. The Angels group lacks range. Anderson can’t move and playing all those years on turf have taken something out of Hunter.

  5. 5 On July 10th, 2008, grubb grubb holla holla said:

    best def outfield in the majors is probaly the rays. they got the speed, they cover more ground than any other team out there and bj uptons arm is something you wouldnt want to mess with

    end of story

  6. 6 On July 10th, 2008, gozer said:

    b.j. upton is still trying to figure out the outfield. no way is a converted 2nd baseman turned center fielder part of the “best defensive outfield” in baseball. that’s just silly.

  7. 7 On July 11th, 2008, disgraceful said:

    This is just disgraceful coverage. Endy Chavez, in my honest opinion, is the best defensive outfielder in the game. to say endy chavez’ arm is not good is just utter non-sense. sorry ,you just don’t watch the mets play enough if you believe that to be true. the guys arm is both strong and accurate, and he already has 6 assists to show for it in limited playing time.

    How can you make a case for the Angels? Garret Anderson is a dinosaur and covers very little ground….

    The Rockies? Tavarez is quick, but he does not have good instincts in the field.

    I’m not going to comments on the teams I don’t watch consistently, bc unlike you, I don’t want to be make blind, ill-informed statements

  8. 8 On August 4th, 2008, otis_27 said:

    A fact that everyone seems to be overlooking is that the Angels have Vlad Guerrero in the outfield over Gary Matthews. Granted that Guerrero, Hunter and especially Anderson are maybe just past their prime but I think that this combination could be one of the best all around outfields not just of this season but ever. I’m not an Angel’s fan either, sadly I’m a Mariner’s fan, a team that has never had three solid outfielders on the same team.

  9. 9 On June 27th, 2009, JA Dortmunder said:

    Ellsbury has the speed but his rag arm is only a bit better than Johnny Damon’s.

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