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Friday, July 11th, 2008

Yankees Desperate For Sexson

Yankees Rumors & News

When the Mariners signed Richie Sexson before the 2005 season they thought they were getting a top of the line first baseman they could have in the middle of their lineup for years. Instead they got an overpaid, under performing, strike out king.

After putting up three consecutive seasons with a OPS of over .900 Sexson had begun to slip in 2006 and in 2007 bottomed out to a career low OPS of .694 and he has duplicated that this year at .696. The target of constant criticism the Mariners finally cut ties with him and released the tall 33-year-old.

They had every right to, he was costing them a lot and doing the equivalent of trying to stay dry in a pool at the plate.

With his future in jeopardy most teams will probably won’t even be willing to talk to him, but the Yankees should. The Yankees might be one of the few teams that could be in desperate need …

Jets Rumors & News

Favre wants to play next season. He hasn’t said anything like, “This is hogwash. I’m happy on my farm doing my chores. I’m not playing football next season.” Instead, today, he has asked the Packers to be released so he can play somewhere else.

Yes, I know. Brett Favre playing for the Jets next year is wishful thinking. It’s been a week since the rumors of his desire to play next season first made headlines… which means I’ve been sitting around for seven whole days trying to figure out what has to happen to bring him to the Jets’ training camp. Here’s the scenario and it’s not too far fetched. Well, of course it is, but whatever.

The first step has already happened: Favre wants to play. Green Bay isn’t happy about it. I’m not going to delve too deep into the conundrum that Green Bay has on their hands but it’s a sticky situation. Favre is (was) such a …

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