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Favre wants to play next season. He hasn’t said anything like, “This is hogwash. I’m happy on my farm doing my chores. I’m not playing football next season.” Instead, today, he has asked the Packers to be released so he can play somewhere else.

Yes, I know. Brett Favre playing for the Jets next year is wishful thinking. It’s been a week since the rumors of his desire to play next season first made headlines… which means I’ve been sitting around for seven whole days trying to figure out what has to happen to bring him to the Jets’ training camp. Here’s the scenario and it’s not too far fetched. Well, of course it is, but whatever.

The first step has already happened: Favre wants to play. Green Bay isn’t happy about it. I’m not going to delve too deep into the conundrum that Green Bay has on their hands but it’s a sticky situation. Favre is (was) such a part of the football mania in Cheeseland that disrespecting him publicly might result in a riot. The only way out for both sides is an amicable split. Favre wants to be released, but a trade to a team that Favre would like to play for could also work (I don’t know, like the Jets maybe).

I guess the next question is, “Would the Jets try to get Favre?” In my fantasy land they sure will.

Step two is coach Mangini realizing he wants Favre and that he’s attainable. They can trade either Kellen or Chad (both are expendable unfortunately) to Green Bay as outstanding back ups to Aaron Rodgers. As far as trades go I think that’s the best that the Packers could hope for. Favre’s 38 years old… despite who he is and what he’s done, 38 years old usually equals 3rd round draft pick in a trade. Both Chad and Kellen are “football smart” guys. They could slide in to Green Bay and contribute to the offense if needed.

“Why would Favre want to come to New York,” you ask? I’ll tell you.

Step 3– Favre realizes he belongs in New York City.

  • We’ve got two outstanding play-making wide receivers in Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. Those two are tough as nails and are also capable of catching the bullets that Favre throws.
  • We’ve got a gritty back field that includes Thomas Jones who quietly ran 1,119 yards last year behind a patchwork line. Jones always seems to have a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Next season I think he’s going to have the talent around him to run the ball down people’s throats.
  • That talent I speak of is our improved O-line (We’ve got freakin Faneca!). Alan Faneca along with D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold offer not only great running capability on the left side of the field, but they can also keep Favre from getting manhandled.
  • The Jets even have a dearth of tight ends with great hands and play-making ability. Chris Baker, Bubba Franks, and Dustin Keller? That’s our depth chart at TE right now. Don’t ask questions Mr. Favre. Just throw them the damn ball.

Embrace the potential power of the Green Side and together you shall rule the galaxy.

Favre is known as a competitor and a leader. Last season he put up ridiculous numbers: 28 touchdowns with 15 interceptions, 66% pass completion percentage, and a QB rating of 95.7. The dude had a great year. Playing for the Jets would let the competitor in him face the only quarterback who outshined him last season – a certain Tom Brady. Actually Favre could face Brady at least twice next season and, after playing on the frozen tundra for so many years, Favre would bring a serious edge to a cold weather playoff match-up in New England.

Funny as it is, the least likely of any of the above is the Jets going after Favre. Maybe the Patriots explosive offseason last year taught Mangini that being active on the free agent market can indeed lead to the Super Bowl. That would explain the uncharacteristic moves the Jets have made the last few months. We’ve gone after big names on both sides of the ball. Getting Favre would be the big move…the Randy Moss move that the Patriots made last season.

Coach, after last season we need to win some ballgames. Let’s do this. Go get yourself the Quarterback.

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  1. 1 On July 11th, 2008, Dean Barbella said:

    Let’s do this… Favre behind center and Barry Bonds in Left!!!

  2. 2 On July 12th, 2008, gozer said:

    i want to see the Jets win as much as anyone, but I’m excited to see what this new-look team can do, and I’m excited to see what our current QB tandem can do behind an improved offensive line. I don’t enjoy the gun-for-hire, especially the gun-for-hire who comes in to be the “face” rather than just a complementary part. If Favre were to come here, it would be all about Favre. Even if we were to win a Superbowl, it’d be a hollow one for me. If I were going to root that way, I may as well become a Yankee fan.

  3. 3 On July 12th, 2008, Dean Barbella said:

    I hear ya, Gozer. It’s unlikely, but would be fun… not neccessarilly fulfilling to so see Favre gunslinging in Dodge City.

    Surreal for real! Actually, I’m all about giving Kellen Clemens his chance!

  4. 4 On July 13th, 2008, reluctant said:

    I’ve never watched my team in the Super Bowl. I’d take it under Favre any day.Especially since he’s not a jerk

    It could work out where Kellen learns from Favre the things he can’t learn from Chad. Kellen and Favre have similar quarterbacking skills – big throwing arms. Chad was never that kind of qb. Would be good for Kellen and his future as the Jets starter.

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