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When the Mariners signed Richie Sexson before the 2005 season they thought they were getting a top of the line first baseman they could have in the middle of their lineup for years. Instead they got an overpaid, under performing, strike out king.

After putting up three consecutive seasons with a OPS of over .900 Sexson had begun to slip in 2006 and in 2007 bottomed out to a career low OPS of .694 and he has duplicated that this year at .696. The target of constant criticism the Mariners finally cut ties with him and released the tall 33-year-old.

They had every right to, he was costing them a lot and doing the equivalent of trying to stay dry in a pool at the plate.

With his future in jeopardy most teams will probably won’t even be willing to talk to him, but the Yankees should. The Yankees might be one of the few teams that could be in desperate need of him.

Why would the Yankees need such a terrible hitter who hit a unsightly .205 last season? Because he kills lefties.

In 61 at bats this season against left handed pitching Sexson hit .344 with a 1.045 OPS. He also cuts down on strike outs against southpaws. Against right handed pitching he strikes out ever 3.03 at bats, but against lefties he only strikes out every 4.69 at bats.

Those numbers would be big for the Yankees because most of the lineup comes up short against lefties. Up and down the lineup they have many who come up short in those situations.

Take a look at how they perform against the southpaws. Johnny Damon‘s OPS drops .124 points, Jorge Posada‘s .086 points, Hideki Matsui‘s drops .080 points, Melky Cabrera‘s .117 points. Even their bench struggles against them as Wilson Betemit‘s OPS dips .056 points. Right handed batter Alex Rodriguez even struggles against them. His OPS plummets .130 points.

Things are so bad that when the Yankees last played the Mets they were forced to put out a pathetic lineup against Oliver Perez. That day they sat Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, and Robinson Cano (Even though that may have been Joe Girardi‘s biggest bone head move as they are the only Yankees who actually hit lefties) and instead decided to start Justin Christian, Betemit, and Jose Molina. Big difference there.

Obviously Sexson could not platoon with all of the hitters, but consider it a bucket to save a sinking ship. Something at least to give them a chance.

With Sexson on the team he would become the regular DH against left handed pitching. He would also shore up their pathetic bench as someone who could come in late in games and keep the team from being shut down against a strong left handed specialist. He would also serve as a strong late inning defensive replacement for Giambi.

To put it simply, as terrible as Sexson is, he would fill a lot of holes on this team’s offense. Not to mention that he would cost the Yankees nothing in prospects and would work at the pro-rated league minimum.

It was a good idea when I suggested it in the middle of May and it’s a good idea today. Go get it done Cashman.

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