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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
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5. In a typical Evil Empire move, the Yankees invite Willie Randolph as a guest to the All-Star Game.
4. The Boss makes an appearance. Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner is a legendary New York sports figure. It was cool to see him back at Yankee Stadium.
3. Local rivals accidentally stir the pot. Chase Utley drops an F bomb. Jonathan Papelbon kind of, sort of, thought he should be the American League closer. If these two played for the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals respectively, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But they don’t, so of course these are earth shattering events in New York. By the way …

Knicks Rumors & News

The Knicks’ acquisition of guard Anthony Roberson, coupled with the free-agent signing of point guard Chris Duhon, supposedly signals the end of the Stephon Marbury era in New York.
That would likely please most Knick fans, and from the sounds of it, new coach Mike D’Antoni as well.
 But I’m here to tell you the Coney Island product should remain in blue-and-orange for the time being.
It’s unlikely any team will trade for Mr. Starbury, considering his divisive personality and the nearly $22 million remaining on the final year of his contract. If someone was interested, it’s not likely to be a deal that would benefit the Knicks in the long term, especially since everyone west of the Atlantic knows they’re trying to unload him.
Not that it’s my money, but it really bothers me when teams buy out ridiculous contracts to …

Knicks Ink Anthony Roberson | Marbury a Goner?

Knicks Rumors & News

The Knicks have addressed their backcourt needs in the off-season by signing point guard Chris Duhon and now have inked 6’2” combo guard Anthony Roberson to a two-year contract. Roberson, who played his college ball at Florida, excelled in his summer league debut on Monday for the Knicks, scoring 22 points, including three 3-pointers. Head Coach Mike D’Antoni has been raving about his skills, and it seems the team wanted to lock him up so another team could not invite the Michigan-born player to their training camp. Roberson has played overseas in Jerusalem, Istanbul and additionally had a stint in the NBDL. The third-year guard has played in 36 career NBA games for the Memphis Grizzles and Golden State Warriors. Even though he went undrafted he enjoyed success in college, being named SEC Freshman of the Year in 2003 and All-SEC 1st Team in 2004 and 2005. He was a McDonald’s All-American in 2002 while playing for Saginaw High School. …

Mets Rumors & News

While all teams have a history, good, bad, great or pathetic, they also have some qualities about them that make them stand out from the others. At one end of the spectrum you have franchises like the Cardinals and Yankees with a long line of championships and Hall-of-Famers. The other end has the Tampa Bay Rays. Some have legendary announcers, a crazy mascot or a quirky moment in history that is all their own.
Rooting for a team is more than just hoping they win (and let’s face it, if your team wins all the time or is expected to win, it’s just not as fun). It’s listening to a familiar voice on the TV or radio every day. It’s naming your dog Mookie. It’s everybody thinking you’re crazy because instead of having a photo of your wife and kids on your desk at work you have a picture of Ken Boswell. It’s insisting that your friends and family call you …

Hot Stove All-Star Game Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.
1. The first All-Star game was held in Chicago at Comiskey Park on July 6th, 1933.
2. Frankie Frisch hit the first home run for the National League in the first All-Star game played.
3. Mickey Mantle made 13 All-Star game appearances to Joe DiMaggio’s 11.
4. Fred Lynn of the Angels hit the only All-Star game grand slam in 1983 off of Atlee Hammaker of the Giants.
5. Reggie Jackson hit his home run in the 1971 game off of Dock Ellis of the Pirates.
6. The only New York players to win the All-Star game MVP are Jon Matlack in 1975 and Derek Jeter in 2000….

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