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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Applause for the Boos

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So I was kicking around the idea of trying to go to the All-Star game last week. Yes, I’m a big-time procrastinator but I thought I might have a chance to grab a deal on two tickets from someone with a last minute conflict. This was not the case. Any seat in the stadium was ridiculously expensive. Upper deck seats had a face value of $150 and they were selling for ten times that amount. I soon realized that I never had a shot to be in Yankee stadium for the game and the grump factor took over.

Who can afford those prices? Certainly not the everyday fan. Those prices really pissed me off. Yankee Stadium with all its history is going to be retired and the All-Star game has been taken over by corporate America. I was/am sick and tired of being priced out of sporting events to make room for some dude to schmooze his client. …

Knicks stink it up against the Spurs while Gallo sits

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The Knicks had a four point lead at the half against the San Antonio Spurs in yesterday’s second summer league game. However, they were outscored 47-28 in the second half and lost 82-67. The team managed only 12 points in the fourth quarter. The team shot 36% from the field and were a putrid 3-19 from downtown. Newly signed guard, Anthony Roberson led the team with 12 points with a 4 of-13 shooting day. In his previous game he scored 22 points and played with a lot more confidence and tenacity. The debut of Nate Robinson resulted in a 2-10 shooting day for last year’s Summer League MVP. Wilson Chandler, who led the Knicks with 26 points in the first game, finished with 10. Renaldo Balkman sprained his ankle in the loss but X-rays were negative.  He is questionable for tomorrow’s game against the Phoenix Suns. The team could have been fatigued from the two-a-day practices, but that should not …

The Mets’ Metness (Part Two)

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Here is part two (for part one, click here) of a list of what makes the Mets what they are, and what no other team can claim.
Ed Kranepool: What other team has a mediocre first baseman/outfielder/pinch hitter as its all-time leader in many statistical categories? And when I say mediocre, I mean it in a loving way. Kranepool played his whole career for the Mets from 1962–’79. He was there from the beginning and the New York–born big lug is still beloved today. He’s the all-time Mets leader in games played (1,853), hits (1,418), at bats (5,436), doubles (225), total bases (2,047), sacrifice flies (58), and even grounded into double plays (138) and outs made (4,276).
1986 Mets: It wasn’t just a World Series but one of the greatest World Series ever. And it wasn’t just game six, as Jerry Seinfeld once said, it …

Should Yankees Go After Bonds?

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The Yankees will be holding their collective breaths tomorrow when Hideki Matsui has his knee further examined to determine if he will need season ending surgery.
If he does, then the search will begin on finding a replacement bat for his spot in the lineup. General manager Brian Cashman said that it is his preference to begin the search from within the Yankees’ own organization, but let’s face it, Brett Gardner is not going to cut it. He may be better than Melky Cabrera, but he certainly won’t make up for the .323 batting average and seven home runs Matsui provided.
There is one other possible replacement from within: Juan Miranda. Through 57 games at Scranton this season, Miranda is hitting .301 with five home runs and a .835 OPS. The problem with Miranda is that he doesn’t compliment the Yankee lineup well because he, like everyone else, struggles against lefties. In 57 at-bats against them this year he’s only managed a .175 batting average.
So they …

A Tale of Two Boroughs

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What an interesting first half of baseball it’s been in the 2008 season. Roger Clemens is digging himself a deeper grave, Barry Bonds still doesn’t have a team to bother, and the Tampa Bay Rays are near the top of the AL East for some reason. But let’s face it, not a day goes by when us New Yorkers aren’t checking what the Mets and Yankees are up to. As the opening lines in Charles Dickens masterpiece “A Tale of Two Cities” says, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” This quote can easily describe how both the Mets and Yankees seasons have gone so far.

So what can we expect from the men in the Bronx and Queens? With so much doubt and uncertainty circling around both teams, there are things that both squads can do to try and ensure themselves playoff spots come October 1st.

For the Yankees, it would be a very tough road for them to try and win the AL East …

You Make Me Feel So Young

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The Mets went from acting like the aging, 1980s Frank Sinatra who croaked out songs and needed a teleprompter to remember the words to the swingin’, fedora-wearing, ’50s-era, care-free Sinatra in the span of three weeks. They’re playing with the confidence of a team that has the world on a string. They have a bounce in their step that they hadn’t had earlier in the year and are completely rejuvenated. Who are these guys?
The Mets go into the second half of the season with a nine-game winning streak, and everything seemingly going right for them. Jerry Manuel has them hustling and playing an aggressive, fearless brand of baseball. I walked into my living room with the Mets game on the TV the other night, and Gary Cohen just got finished saying Carlos Delgado hustled out a double. My head spun 360 degrees around. Carlos Delgado? Hustle? In the same sentence? They’re taking …

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