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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
Yankees Rumors & News

Johnny Damon is eligible come off the disabled list this Sunday and says he’s hoping to be ready to go that day. That might be a little optimistic, but whenever he does return the Yankees will face a dilemma.
The decision they are going to be forced to make is who exactly their starting center fielder will be, Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner?
As the incumbent Cabrera has the advantage, but these are not the days of Joe Torre and his crony-ism so there certainly is a chance Gardner gets the nod as well.
We’ve seen what Cabrera can do, but after two seasons of growth he has taken a step back and is looking like he’s too small to hit for power and too big to be a speedy center fielder. Defensively he has a great arm, but has made quite a few blunders this season including one that led to an inside-the-park-homerun against the Boston Red Sox this season.
After refusing to deal him …

Knicks Rumors & News

The Knicks had a chance last week to unload Zach Randolph and his expensive contract.  The offer (from the Clippers) was rejected.  I’ve talked to many fans who see it as a missed opportunity.  Why wouldn’t Donnie Walsh jump at the chance to clear some salary cap room and begin his quest to rebuild the Knicks in earnest?  There is only one reason I could come up with and that reason is Eddy Curry.

Mike D’antoni’s trademark basketball is fast paced and high scoring.  Fans love it and Donnie Walsh hopes D’antoni brought both his winning ways and his spectacular style to New York.  It is a very particular brand of ball relying on turnovers and a team capable of running the court at top speed.  Eddy Curry can’t do either of these things.  In order for a team to create turnovers they must play defense and let’s just say that Mr. Curry is lacking in that department.  How many times have you been watching a …

Yankees Rumors & News

With the 2008 All-Star game behind us, the second half of the season is upon us. This is where the contenders show their worth and the pretenders fade away. The Yankees have been known as a good second half team over the past few seasons but this might very well be the toughest second half of recent memory.

The Yankees are 51-45 and 5.5 games out of first place. 66 games to go. Now granted this is no reason to be alarmed, BUT do you really think Sidney Ponson is going to continue to pitch effectively throughout the second half? Do you think Richie Sexson will be that much of a help in the lineup? Those two are replacing ace Chien-Ming Wang and slugger Hideki Matsui. Mighty big shoes to fill. How much longer is Mike Mussina going to pitch like its 1999? All of these are BIG questions going into the second half. How about Melky Cabrera in CF? When the heck is he going to …

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