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Sunday, July 27th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

The Mets went into their three-game series with the Cardinals alone in first place by one game. And after taking two out of three from St. Louis, they’ll stay on top of the NL East by at least a game (and maybe more, pending the outcomes of the Phillies and Marlins games). It’s always interesting watching Tony LaRussa’s unorthodox managing style, as he likes to bat his pitcher eighth, play his left fielder in right, his second baseman at third, has pitchers pinch hit for everyday players and he even uses his gardener as his accountant.
Friday, Mets 7-2: Pelfrey Does it Again
Mike Pelfrey continues to flourish, pitching another outstanding game. And the offense continues to pile up runs while he’s on the mound. Pelfrey went seven innings, allowed only one run on seven hits, struck out five and didn’t walk anybody. The Mets are …

800 Pound Gorilla Breaks Free at Hofstra! Reeks Havoc on Jets Training Camp, Roars with Southern Drawl

Jets Rumors & News

So we’ve all been thinking about it. We’ve talked about anything and everything else that we could come up with. We’ve done our best to ignore it… maybe we poked it with a stick to see if it’s still there and indeed it was. It hasn’t gone anywhere. The Jets quarterback situation is exactly how we left it at the end of last season.

Lets see if I can sum this up in a few sentences. Last season Chad Pennington came in as the Jets starter and proceeded to win one game out of the eight that he started. Kellen Clemens came in when Pennington went down to injury and lost, then seven weeks later replaced Chad as the starter. He led the Jets to three wins and five losses. Mangini stuck with Chad much longer than many think he should have before he reluctantly handed the keys to Clemens.

“I made this decision not based on singling out Chad …

Yankees Rumors & News

Boy is my face red. Last week I wrote how the Yankees need more than luck to make the playoffs. Well, they haven’t lost since I wrote that article.

Since my post was written, the Yankees have been on a winning streak of 8 straight, they’ve made one trade that filled two big needs and it appears they are not done. Reports have the Yanks ready to acquire Jarrod Washburn from Seattle and this morning the Kansas City Star is reporting a potential deal with the Kansas City Royals that could bring Brain Bannister to the Bronx for Melky Cabrera.

Well, it appears the Yanks are going for it. Why wouldn’t they? They’re the Yankees. I didn’t sense a fight in this team and now they are red hot. The winning streak comes at a time where the Tampa Bay Rays have faltered a bit and the Red Sox are slip and sliding their way down the divison as well. The Yanks …

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