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With the trade deadline approaching, see how much you remember about some deals from the past. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. In 2004, who did the Yankees trade to acquire Esteban Loaizo?

2. When the Mets traded for Kris Benson in 2004, what other player did they get in the deal with Pittsburgh?

3. In 1976, which pitcher did the Yankees purchase at the deadline, but three days later the sale was voided?

4. Who was the only pitcher acquired by the Mets in the Midnight Massacre/Tom Seaver deal with the Reds on June 15, 1977?

5. On the same day as the Seaver trade, which player did the Mets give away to St. Louis to obtain Joel Youngblood?

6. Ruben Sierra was acquired in a deadline deal by the Yanks in 1995 and then traded in another deal the next year. Who were the other main players involved in those two trades?

7. In 1995, the Mets unloaded Bobby Bonilla to Baltimore for Alex Ochoa. What other outfielder did the Mets receive in that deal?

8. In a 1977 deadline deal, what catcher did the Yankees get from Houston?

9. The Mets received Matt Lawton from Minnesota in a 2001 deadline deal. Who did they trade?

10. In 2003, which player did the Yankees trade when they picked up Scott Proctor and Bubba Crosby from the Dodgers?

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