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The Yanks are a bit pudgier than they were a day ago, addressing their hole behind the dish by acquiring Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for erratic reliever Kyle Farnsworth.  It will be Kyle’s second tour of duty with the Tigers, for whom he pitched in 2005.  Presumably, this means Brandon Inge will be seeing a ton of time at catcher for the revamped Tigers.

While the Yankees are thrilled with the job that Jose Molina has done behind the plate this season in the absence of Jorge Posada, Molina is not accustomed to playing every day, thus the need to add another catcher.  

The addition of Rodriguez is another steal for the Yanks, who acquired Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte for toenail clippings a few days ago, and today add a starting catcher in exchange for a guy many would consider addition by subtraction.

Pudge is batting .295 this season with five home runs and 32 RBIs in 82 games.

Farnsworth is 1-2 with a 3.65 ERA, and of late had finally been pitching well enough to move along to the next sucker.  Enter David Dombrowski.

Finally, for all the Yankee fans out there who insisted that this was the “new” Yankees, and winning now at all costs was no longer the No. 1 priority, you can all pipe down.  The Yankees are a business – one of the biggest business in the Tri-State area – and they will never sacrifice postseason revenue without a fight – ever!  Kudos to Brian Cashman, who, for the time being, appears to have miraculously balanced the best of both worlds.

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  1. 1 On July 30th, 2008, Frank Negron Jr. said:

    this is a great trade and brian cahsman has really stepped up. samrt move by trading farnsworth while his value was high and pudge gives the yankees excatly what they need as far as a catcher who can hit and help the pitchers. he helped the marlins n tigers get to the world series, lets see if that happens in the boogie down.

  2. 2 On July 30th, 2008, Ted Mero said:

    Well, I suggested the Yanks should go after Bengie Molina… but I never saw this move coming. Wow. On the surface, this looks like a steal for New York. But this is actually a move I think can really help both teams in the short-term. The Tigers desperately need bullpen help, and Brandon Inge is a proven MLB catcher.

  3. 3 On July 30th, 2008, gozer said:

    you know, i used to think i was a fan of brandon inge, based on a handful of games I saw him play. but looking more closely …the guy stinks. hitting .230 this season, and .240 for his career. for those sort of numbers, the guy gets way too much credit. and i’m not sure how much removing a .300 hitter from the lineup will improve an inconsistent Tigers offense. Theoretically the Tigers have the sort of lineup that should be able to compensate for a .230-hitting catcher in the 9 hole, but things haven’t played out that way thus far. slam dunk for the yanks. not so much for detroit.

  4. 4 On July 31st, 2008, Ted Mero said:

    True, Inge is a pretty awful hitter. But he’s solid defensively behind the plate. It’s a bizarre move for the Tigers. I have a feeling Pudge must have wore out his welcome in Detroit, and that fueled the move as much as anything.

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