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I’m anticipating the Jets losing the Favre sweepstakes. I just don’t see Mangini and Tannenbaum making such a huge move when they have so much on the line in the upcoming season (their jobs). I don’t see Woody Johnson such a huge check either.

I have a deal with my subconscious. As long as I don’t try to interfere I’m allowed to identify my defense mechanisms as they happen. This one is most definitely rationalization. I’m rationalizing why the Jets should leave Favre alone. I’ve thought it over, I’ve looked at it from different perspectives, I’ve talked to football players (ok, ex high school football players but whatever), and I’ve watched lots and lots of Sports Center. I’ve come up with not just a reason, but as far as I can see, the only reason Mangini should not want Favre on his team.

Brett Favre is on the cover of Madden 09 and thus… he… is… cursed.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is serious business. It all began back in 1998 when Garrison Hearst became the first player to appear on the cover of the video game Madden NFL Football by Electronic Arts. Hearst tweaked his knee the next season and the curse was born. Every player that has appeared on the cover since has been doomed to an injury-prone sub-bar season. Let’s look at some historical facts.

The year is 1999. Barry Sanders is widely respected as the most prolific runner in football- many think of all time. He’s the closest thing to a one man team the NFL has ever seen. Sanders has averaged 1,696 yards rushing the past five seasons and becomes the new face for Madden’s latest installment. He retires out of the blue. Why? Perhaps he applied the same foresight he used on the football field. Perhaps he was dodging the Madden Curse.

The next year Eddie George gets the Madden endorsement. George had just come off of a 1,509 yard rushing season with 14 touchdowns. He appears on the cover of the game and then hurts his toe. George rushes for 939 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Daunte Culpepper graced the next installment’s cover. He went from throwing 33 touchdowns to nursing an injured back on the bench.

Marshall Faulk’s version of the curse was a doozie. His appearance on the cover not only took him down but also injured his Qb (Kurt Warner) and his star blocking lineman (Orlando Pace). These folks went from the Super Bowl to the gutter. Just a little side note here that has nothing to do with Favre or a curse— this was the Super Bowl where Belicheat and company taped the Rams’ walkthrough… that’s probably why the Rams didn’t win.

The curse stories go on and on. Donovan Mcnabb, Ray Lewis, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young– they all appeared on the cover and they all had disappointing seasons following the release of the new video game. When discussing the Madden Curse, there’s one name you can’t forget about… Michael Vick. Pre-curse, he’s running around and easily the fastest player on the football field at any time. He’s exciting to watch- more like a gazelle than a quarterback. Everybody loves him. Then he appears on the cover of EA’s football game and the Madden Curse is all over him like a rabid pit-bull. One week later Vick busts his leg up in a preseason game. With his days as a gazelle over, Vick’s career goes to the dogs.

Brett Favre was supposed to be the one to break the Madden Curse. He can’t have a bad season if he’s not playing, right? EA Sports was killing two birds with one stone. They were honoring an NFL legend and ditching the stigma that comes with their high profile endorsement. Brilliant move. Almost.

And here we are. Favre’s on the cover and I’d put money on him playing somewhere in the NFL soon (by Monday if you really want to bet). Can Favre still be the one to put the Madden Curse to rest? Or has the curse found a way to live on?

Lets just say that the Jets get rid of Chad Pennington to free up cap room. Then they give up a 2nd round pick to get Favre. Two weeks later, the curse strikes and Favre is out for the season. What a mess right? Kellen Clemens has to step in as the starter and Favre is stuck in crutches holding a clipboard on the sidelines. Wait a minute… isn’t that kind of where we are anyway? Kellen with Favre is better than Kellen with Chad. Maybe the curse will bring in chickens this time or something. It could be Kellen playing while Favre is injured and being investigated for a cock-fighting ring in Mississippi. Or maybe Favre gets caught bad mouthing Pennington’s mom while free-styling on one leg in some club in Manhattan.

Even if Favre gets hit with the curse, I’m feeling that the Jets are better off with him. As a mentor to Kellen, he’s a perfect. As a leader in the locker room, no one can ignore the experience Favre carries around with him. I guess I still need to come up with another way to rationalize Favre playing in Tampa next year. I’m open to anything…

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