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Thursday, August 7th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

The Mets came into this series in third place, with a four-game losing streak, their pitchers’ arms falling off, no closer, Tom Seaver still retired, Aaron Heilman still on the team and two infielders playing the outfield, but they should still be able to beat the putrid Padres at least two out of three. And thanks to David Wright’s heroics that’s what they did. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty. They gained a game in the standings, and are now two games out of first.

Tuesday, Mets 6-5: Tatis Tattoos Two Taters 
It looks like we need to have an intervention with Aaron Heilman to stop his addiction to giving up home runs. Though he didn’t have much help in the field, with Argenis Reyes missing an easy pop-up in shallow center field, the righty reliever coughed up his ninth long ball of the year. So …

Thanks, Chad

Jets Rumors & News

The Chad Pennington era is over.  And while it didn’t result in a Super Bowl victory, Pennington had the best run by a Jets signal caller since Joe Namath. He was better than Ken O’Brien, better than Boomer, better than Vinny, and a million times better than Bubby Brister. Some Jets fans with short memories will paint Pennington as an injury-prone passer with a weak arm. Fair enough; there is some truth to that. But let’s not forget that the nine-year veteran from Marshall is the Jets all time leader in post-season yards and touchdowns. Or the 8-4 record he posted as a starter when he replaced Vinny Testeverde in 2002. Or the 41 points he helped orchestrate in beating the Colts in the playoffs that same year. Or the 47-yard bomb to Santana Moss in a playoff win in San Diego. And save for a few rare blow ups with the media, Chad handled the pressure of being a quarterback in New York with class and dignity.

Today is a good day for the Jets fans. …

Jets Squeeze Cheese, Plunder Buccaneer Booty: “Arrr!”

Jets Rumors & News

I feel like a five year old on Christmas day that woke up to a mountain of toys.

All day yesterday as I gallavanted around The City I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew Brett Favre would be on a different team before the day was over. Everyone everywhere said he was going to Tampa but it never made sense to me. Why would the Packers send him anywhere in the NFC while an AFC team is an option? It turns out they wouldn’t. It’s what I call being smart and that’s why Favre will be wearing green again this season and not playing football in front of a giant pirate ship.

This is not the same penny-pinching Jets front office that has been running the show. Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum are truly commited to winning now and this entire offseason has been an incredible building process. They patched up the offensive line, they patched up the defensive line, …

Jets Rumors & News

In the 1991 NFL Draft, the Jets planned to select quarterback Brett Favre with the 34th pick. Instead the Atlanta Falcons took the Mississippi native one pick earlier. The Jets drafted Browning Nagle who played only 18 games in 3 seasons in a disappointing tenure with the team. However, now, 17 years later, the Jets have acquired Favre in one of their most stunning trades in team history. In training camp most Jet fans held several chants of “Let’s get Brett!” at Hofstra University. By landing Favre he becomes the team’s most famous player since “Broadway” Joe Namath.
Last year, Favre enjoyed a strong season with the Packers, leading the team to a 13-3 record and an NFC Championship game appearance. He threw for 4,155 yards and 28 touchdowns and showed he is still has the mental and athletic mindset to succeed. The …

Broadway Brett | Jets Acquire Favre

Jets Rumors & News

The Green Bay Packers have finally cut the umbilical with legendary quarterback Brett Favre, and it seems the New York Jets are the beneficiaries.  Gang Green has acquired Favre for what is believed to be a fourth-round draft pick that will increase in value depending on the the number of snaps that Favre takes behind center.  If Favre gets 80 percent of the team’s total snaps in 2008 and the Jets appear in the Super Bowl, the selection becomes a first-round pick, according to the NFL Network.

Say goodbye to Chad Pennington, whose eight year career with the Jets has come to end with Favre’s arrival.

Said Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum: “I have all the respect in the world for Chad as a person, as a player. We’ve accomplished a lot of good things with Chad. … He gave his heart and soul to this organization for a long, long time. I really appreciate everything he’s done.”

It’s unclear if Pennington will be traded or released.

So D-Day is …

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