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I feel like a five year old on Christmas day that woke up to a mountain of toys.

All day yesterday as I gallavanted around The City I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew Brett Favre would be on a different team before the day was over. Everyone everywhere said he was going to Tampa but it never made sense to me. Why would the Packers send him anywhere in the NFC while an AFC team is an option? It turns out they wouldn’t. It’s what I call being smart and that’s why Favre will be wearing green again this season and not playing football in front of a giant pirate ship.

This is not the same penny-pinching Jets front office that has been running the show. Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum are truly commited to winning now and this entire offseason has been an incredible building process. They patched up the offensive line, they patched up the defensive line, they strengthened the linebacking core, they upgraded the fullback situation, they put together a platoon to run alongside Thomas Jones, and they went and got the mother of all quarterbacks. It’s like an exclamation point. A cannon firing in salute. A bunch of fireworks exploding during the finale on the 4th of July. It’s a giant middle finger to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

I’m much happier with the Jets trying to compete against the toughest division opponent in football than them settling for a wild card. During last year’s offseason we all watched as the Pats went out and ransacked the NFL with the crowning acquisition being the questionable pick up of Randy Moss. The Jets watched their division rivals dominate like no other team in history. It seems to me that Mangini doesn’t like being left behind in the dust come playoff time. Now if we can only get the pieces to fit together before week 1.

The stream of consciousness that is my inner Jet fan is all over the place today. I feeI bad for Chad. I would love nothing more than to see him end up in Chicago and win the Super Bowl. I imagine Alan Faneca holding a pow-wow with the younger linemen stressing the importance of their jobs. They’ve got something to protect and if Favre goes down because of one of them, we’ll all see it on Sportscenter over and over again. Do you think Belichick slept well last night? He probably went to his Pat-cave and started watching some contraband films.

I bought tickets to Favre’s first regular season Jets game last night at two in the morning…. now I’ve just got to get to Miami.

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