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Monday, August 11th, 2008

To say I’ve been watching the Olympics would be a lie. It’s more like I’ve been absorbing them. While I’m not in China, I do have two high definition televisions depicting Olympic splendor pretty much 24-7 and two roommates glued to them.

The Games kicked off on Friday night (or thursday depending on how you look at it) and it was an amazing display of technology and man power. There really is no way to describe what the Chinese put together for the opening ceremony. I found the epic scope of the production frightening to be brutally honest. Check out the first ten minutes (this thing lasted hours and it was all fantastic). The ceremony was straight up Cold War propaganda as much as it was a welcoming party… right there on display were thousands of people beating drums, reconstructing the printing press (which China reminds us they invented), even defying gravity. All of it was performed flawlessly and …

Team USA rises up

Two years ago, the Americans crushed China 121-90 in the world championships in Japan. Yesterday, it was a similar result with United States men’s basketball team beginning their gold medal quest with a 101-70 victory over host China. The last time the Americans captured the gold medal was in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.
Chinese center, Yao Ming hit the first shot of a game, which happened to be a three-pointer that set the tone for Chinas proficient outside shooting in the first half.  Yao’s three pointer caused the 11,083 to erupt in Beijing’s Wukesong Indoor Stadium.
China played the Americans tough, and only trailed the heavily favored US by four after the first quarter. China soon tied the game at 29 all on a three pointer. Dream 4.0 responded by going on a 16-3 run capped off by thunderous dunks …

The List: Flakes of New York

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The New York baseball world has been chock-full of colorful characters. Some spoke their own language, some mastered the art of the hot foot and one liked to sit in birthday cakes. But all of them were just a little different. Here’s a list of some famous flakes of New York.
Casey Stengel: The original New York flake, the Ol’ Perfesser played for two NY teams (Dodgers, Giants) and managed three (Dodgers, Yankees, Mets). He spoke his own language that was so unique it had its own name―‘Stengelese.’ As a manager, he couldn’t keep his own players straight. And once as a player, he stepped up to home plate and tipped his hat to the crowd, freeing a bird that was perched on his head, hiding under his cap.
Tug McGraw: The Mets most lovable free spirit was the consummate flaky left-handed relief pitcher. Tug …

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