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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Jets Rumors & News

On many reality television shows, the non-so-secret weapon is the “twist.” Some sort of curveball thrown in to keep things interesting and create drama. It could be something like triple immunity, or a contestant that was eliminated gets a second chance or a participant gets to issue some sort of challenge to someone else.
Well the AFC East is like a convoluted reality show. Except that the AFC East is actually real, and entertaining. Well not the Bills, they are that contestant who nobody knows or votes for.
Over the last decade the Jets/Dolphins/Pats have given us: “…they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries,“ a head coach resigning one day after he was hired so he could take a job with a rival, ex-coaches being denied access to their personal belongings, draft picks being swapped for coaches, teams “buying” tapes to study quarterback signals, handshakes being analyzed and of course “Spygate.” …

Team USA rises up again

Team USA had another easy win as they routed Angola 97-76 this morning. Angola has not faired well against the U.S in the past, losing by 68 (in 1992), 33 (1996), and 26 (2004). Once again, “The Redeem Team” started off slow in the first half, and they were only up seven, with four minutes left in the second quarter. Their outside shooting woes continued by missing eight of their first 12 shots from behind the shortened international three-point line. However, almost anything would be an improvement from the previous game where they missed 14 of its first 15 three-pointers.

Just like the game against China on Sunday, the Americans turned it up before the close of the first half by converting easy baskets in transition to stretch their lead. Angola trailed 55-37 at the half with LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony combining for a remarkable 18-of-18 from the field. Angola does not have a player taller than 6″7″ on the roster, which resulted …

Mets-Nats Series Preview

Mets Rumors & News

Yesterday’s ugly, ugly loss was just a snapshot of an ongoing trend with the Mets. Their next 14 games are against teams that are under or right at .500 (Washington, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Houston). You’d figure they’d have a field day with this group of losers, but not so fast. They’re 2-7 against Atlanta, 0-3 against Houston, only 5-4 against Washington and 1-2 against Pittsburgh. That’s a combined 8-16 against the dregs of the league. Overall, they’re 30-32 against sub-.500 teams. I think we’ve spotted a problem here. They have no issues getting up for the good teams (they’re 16-9 vs. the Phillies and Marlins), but the bad ones are another story. If they can turn that around and plow through the next two weeks, it just makes their life a whole lot easier. But after yesterday’s performance by the bullpen, beating anybody may be too much to ask at this point. The Mets have now lost six games …

Brett Favre: The New Johan Santana!

Jets Rumors & NewsMets Rumors & News

Have I got a joke for you. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Frequently beleaguered New York sports franchise finds itself riding high for the first time in several years thanks to a superlative 2006 season, only to fall flat on its face in spectacular fashion the following year. Franchise suddenly finds itself in damage control mode, faced with an unexpectedly and extraordinarily pissed off fan base that no longer seems to be buying into the sham that ownership is shoveling. What’s worse, the franchise finds itself in enormous debt following the construction of their new billion dollar home, and the only way to recover that capital is by hitting said disgruntled fan base over their collective heads with staggering ticket prices.

But wait for the punch line.

The franchise needs a face. Not the face of a manager under fire, or a boy genius whose rose has lost its bloom. Not the face of a spoiled superstar who doesn’t hustle, or a worn …

Fantasy Baseball: Trade Deadline Impacts


The last 2 weeks in Major League Baseball have been extremely busy. As the trade deadline passed, many deals were made that are going to impact the outcome of playoff races from the American League East, to the National League West. Not only do these moves affect your favorite, or even your least favorite, teams, but they also will have a dramatic effect on the performance of your fantasy baseball teams. Let’s look at some of the trades that took place and how they can either improve, or devalue, your fantasy baseball team.

The Boston Red Sox send OF Manny Ramirez to the Los Angelos Dodgers and OF Brandon Moss and RP Craig Hansen to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pittsburgh Pirates send OF Jason Bay to the Boston Red Sox. The Lost Angelos Dodgers send 3B Andy Laroche and P Bryan Morris to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Obviously, the biggest two players in this deal are Ramirez and Bay. Since both players have been dealt, their production has …

What Was Girardi Thinking?

Yankees Rumors & News

You know, some things just boggle the mind no matter how hard you try to understand them. Last night Joe Girardi did a mind boggling thing: He sat down Johnny Damon in favor of Justin Christian. Yes, you read that right. Why he would make such a move when the Yankees DESEPERATLY needed a win, I have no clue. Especially against a team that they need to pass in order to gain control of the wild card.

Girardi’s explanation:

“The turf sometimes can beat up his body,” Girardi said before the game. “We’ve got three days in a row with a short turnaround on Wednesday.” 

His replacement, Christian, went 0 for 4. Girardi then added this to reassure all of us why sitting Damon, who leads the American League in hitting was the right move to make..

“It’s tough, but the other thing you have to deal with is Johnny’s shoulder’s banged up,” Girardi said. “There’s a lot of things that go on that make the lineup the way we …

Mets Rumors & News

10. Change the lock on the clubhouse door and have the security guards pretend they don’t know who he is.
9. Have him undergo Tommy John surgery next week―whether he needs it or not.
8. While Heilman is warming up, give Billy Joel a bottle of wine and the Mets’ old bullpen cart and set him loose in the bullpen.
7. Cheer him up by taking him to the zoo. And then “accidentally” throw him into the lion pit.
6. Strap him to a seat, clamp his eyelids open A Clockwork Orange–style, and make him watch film of his pitching performances over and over again.
5. Have Fred Wilpon send him to military school.
4. Put him in a reality show with Mel …

Rays’ Longoria joins Crawford on DL

Yankees Rumors & News

Youth and inexperience haven’t slowed the Tampa Bay Rays. Could injuries to two of their best players?
All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Monday, joining fellow All-Star Carl Crawford, who was placed on injured reserve just the day before. …

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