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Hideki Matsui is expected back for the Yankees as early as Tuesday, when the Bombers open a series with the Blue Jays. Joe Girardi said he expects Godzilla, whose been on the DL with inflammation in his knee since June 27, to play DH for the rest of the season to decrease the risk of reinjuring the outfielder’s balky knee.

Sunday’s offensive explosion aside, the Yankees could surely use Matsui’s left-handed bat, and (ideally) his clutch hitting. But is Matsui’s return too little too late for New York’s playoff hopes?

Contradictory to what the New York Post’s George A. King III suggests, the Yankees season did not die on August 13. Heading into Monday, New York trailed the Red Sox by five games in the wild-card chase and the Twins/White Sox by 4.5 games. The Yankees aren’t dead, just on life support. That’s exactly why they need all hands on deck for the final six weeks of the season. Even Carl Pavano may be getting in the act, with a potential Saturday start against the Orioles looming.

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