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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

USA advances to semis

The “Redeem Team” routed Australia, today 116-85 and are just two wins away from the elusive gold medal. Team USA has not won a gold medal since the 2000 games in Sydney. The Americans are guaranteed to play for a medal, but anything less than gold will be a disappointment. The Aussies played the Americans tough early, trailing by only one point after the first quarter. Australia was poised to build on the success they had against the Americans in an exhibition game on August 5th. They were missing center Andrew Bogut (sore ankle) that game and only lost by 11 points. The American team has been going on big runs early in the second quarter, overwhelming other teams with their athleticism and depth.  There is almost no drop-off when the bench rotates in and their swarming defense has created numerous transition baskets.
Two weeks later, with Bogut in the lineup, …

In order to win the Heisman just like the MVP in other major sports, there has to be a combination of intangibles which need to occur. The athlete must put up great statistics, be on a good team, play on a team with good media exposure, and most importantly in my eyes be the biggest difference maker out of all the candidates. The Heisman committee must take into consideration all of these intangibles mentioned but most importantly be able to envision the candidate’s team without them.

So without further adu, here is my list of Heisman candidates for 2008, my predicted winner top three, and a list of other candidates who will likely receive some consideration.

Tim Tebow – Tebow totally altered the way many college coaches are beginning to recruit for now on with his ability to beat you with both his legs and arm. Tebow threw for nearly 3,300 yards and ran for nearly 900 more in 2007 while totaling an eye popping 55 touchdowns overall. …

I’d Rather Get Beat Up In An Alley: Summer Spy Camp

Jets Rumors & News

So I’m here in South Florida on vacation and I can’t help but love everything I’m reading that’s coming out of the Dolphin’s training camp.

I was a big fan of Favre coming to the Jets but the way Pennington landed in Miami left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m a fan of Chad Pennington and I’d love to see him succeed but not in the AFC East and certainly not in Miami. I wouldn’t be surprised if Parcells hooked a brain scanner up to Chad’s brain and downloaded the Jets playbook onto his laptop. I know it sounds crazy but Parcells is one diabolical dude and he likes to win. Come on, it’s not that far off from Belecheat up in New England. Did you know there are not one but two psychics on the Patriots payroll? Ok I made that up but I wouldn’t put it past them. …

Mets Should Bring Back Jerry Manuel

Mets Rumors & News

It’s time to take the interim tag off of Jerry Manuel. The Mets are no lock to make the playoffs and could fizzle out the rest of the season, but Manuel has proven that’s he’s the man for the job. If they don’t get into the post-season, it will be because of their leaky bullpen. It doesn’t matter who’s in what role or how they’re mixed and matched, the fact is, the Mets relievers just aren’t that good. And that’s on Omar Minaya, not Jerry Manuel.
Manuel has a rapport with the players that seems to lead to success. The sulking Jose Reyes we saw under Willie Randolph is gone. The surly Carlos Delgado is gone. There’s no more finger-pointing in the clubhouse. There’s no more calling out teammates in the media. When the players see their manager out on the field arguing with one umpire after another, getting kicked out of one game …

Hot Stove 1996 Yankees Quiz

Yankees Rumors & News

1996 will probably be the last time the Yankees will ever win the World Series as the lovable, scrappy underdog. Take the quiz and see how much you remember about that team. The answers will be posted tomorrow.
1. What was the Yankees record in 1996?
2. Who led the team in home runs that year?
3. Who led the team in RBIs?
4. Who started the most games at DH during the season?
5. Which ex-Met won more games that year, David Cone or Dwight Gooden?
6. Which team did they beat in the Division Series?
7. In the League Championship Series they beat Baltimore four games to one. Who was the starting pitcher …

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