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1996 will probably be the last time the Yankees will ever win the World Series as the lovable, scrappy underdog. Take the quiz and see how much you remember about that team. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. What was the Yankees record in 1996?

2. Who led the team in home runs that year?

3. Who led the team in RBIs?

4. Who started the most games at DH during the season?

5. Which ex-Met won more games that year, David Cone or Dwight Gooden?

6. Which team did they beat in the Division Series?

7. In the League Championship Series they beat Baltimore four games to one. Who was the starting pitcher in the one game that they lost?

8. In the World Series against Atlanta, who had the highest batting average for the Yankees?

9. Which Yankee pitcher appeared in five out of the six Series games?

10. Everybody remembers Jim Leyritz’s famous home run in the ’96 World Series. Who hit the only other home run in the Series for the Yankees?

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