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So I’m here in South Florida on vacation and I can’t help but love everything I’m reading that’s coming out of the Dolphin’s training camp.

I was a big fan of Favre coming to the Jets but the way Pennington landed in Miami left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m a fan of Chad Pennington and I’d love to see him succeed but not in the AFC East and certainly not in Miami. I wouldn’t be surprised if Parcells hooked a brain scanner up to Chad’s brain and downloaded the Jets playbook onto his laptop. I know it sounds crazy but Parcells is one diabolical dude and he likes to win. Come on, it’s not that far off from Belecheat up in New England. Did you know there are not one but two psychics on the Patriots payroll? Ok I made that up but I wouldn’t put it past them. Jerks.

But I digress… Chad in Miami is a scary prospect but after being stuck here during a hurricane for two days I’m feeling better about the Jets week one opponent. I’ve been reading the local rags and, check this out, Pennington is no longer the definite starter here. Sound familiar? According to the Miami Herald, rookie quarterback Chad Henne “continues to challenge veteran Chad Pennington for the starting job” (reported by Jeff Darlington).

“Two or One, I’m not sure where they (Pennington and Henne) are right now.” -coach Sparano

If Pennington can’t beat out a rookie I suddenly don’t feel so bad about him playing for a division rival. I also love the idea of the Jets defense starting the season against a rookie quarterback. No matter who you are, it takes time to adjust to the speed of the game in the NFL. Our boys in green will be licking their chops at the opportunity to introduce Mr. Henne to the stat book under the word “sacks.”

Another pleasing thing I’ve unearthed out of the Dolphin’s camp is that they are happy to have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Ronnie Brown is a monster but he’s hurt and the Jets went and signed his back up from last season (Jesse Chatman). Maybe it’s sun poisoning but who are these people kidding? If you saw Ricky Williams play in his one game last year you know what I’m talking about. The dude wasn’t the same Ricky that Miami traded for way back when before he left football for Lenny Kravitz. Now they are using words like “best” and “tandem” to describe Miami’s running game. That’s a good one.

This is not what I’d expect to come from a Parcells team. When the Jets roll in for week one the Dolphins might be starting a rookie quarterback and relying upon the running attack of Ricky Williams. You’d think the folks around here would have learned not to rely on Williams for anything.

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