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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Playoff Watch: Yanks 6 Out of Wild Card

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The countdown to October is here, a week earlier than usual but the time is now to watch the scoreboard. 34 games remain for the Yankees on the 2008 season. Here is how they fare in the race for the Wild Card.

Carl Pavano goes for New York on Saturday against Baltimore.
Boston sends Jon Lester to the mound against Toronto.
Chicago sends ex-Yankee Javier Vazquez to the hill against Tampa Bay.

Time to keep track of the opposition, the Yanks put themselves in this position, lets see if they can grind it out and reach October.

Yanks 2nd Half Record:18-15
My Yanks 2nd Half Prediction: 39-27

Heilman the Hero?

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Redemption is a story in sports that never gets old.

You know the drill. Player is a bust/disappointment. Fans want him gone. Coaches loose faith in him. Player looses his self-confidence.

But then, it happens. Mr. bust/disappointment is thrust into action at a key moment. Maybe one of his teammates is injured. Maybe the coach decides to plays a hunch. Maybe there’s no better alternative. For whatever reason he gets an opportunity, and Mr.bust/disappointment comes through. All is right with the world. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, why can’t Aaron Heilman be that guy? Granted, the odds of Heilman redeeming himself for all the bad performances this year are slim. But the chance is there. He’s got the first part of the scenario locked up already. He’s been a disappointment. A major disappointment. A 3-7, 5.40 ERA (including a 10.24 ERA in August), 9 homeruns allowed in 68 innings, disappointment. Actually, disappointment …

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