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At least Michael Strahan didn’t drag this thing out, making Giants fans sit on pins and needles.

In the aftermath of the season-ending injury to Pro Bowler Osi Umenyiora, many believed Strahan, the recently retired 36-year-old defensive end, would make his return and once again strap on the pads for Big Blue. Strahan seriously considered the deal for a good 24-hour period, before ultimately deciding he had nothing left to give to the franchise for which he played 15 seasons.

“I have gone back and forth on this because as a player you’ll always want to play,” Strahan told “You’ll never lose that urge to be out there. But I could only do this if I could commit 100 percent, physically, mentally, emotionally and I can’t do that. I’ve tried to convince myself and my body to give it one more year, but in the end I just don’t think I could turn it on like I need to again.”

Strahan’s decision shouldn’t come as surprise. The guy helped lead his team to the post improbable (and memorable) of Super Bowl runs. He left the league on top, John Elway style (OK, if he truly went out like Elway, he would have come back and won another ring).

But for the rest of his life, this future Hall of Famer can do no wrong in the eyes of Giants fans. He has nothing left to prove on the football field.

Had he agreed to return, the results would’ve been disappointing. I mean, less than two weeks away from the start of the regular season, the guy is vacationing in Greece. (If I were retired, I would be too.) It would take weeks for Strahan to be ready both physically and mentally, and by then, where would the team be?

So let the man enjoy his Greek vacations. And let’s see how he fares each Sunday donned in suit and tie for Fox, instead of helmet and pads for the Giants.

Don’t blame him for turning down his old team. Appreciate the fact that he at least entertained the idea of a return. And thank him for 15 years of service.

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