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Next time you’re at Yankee Stadium and fill up on $8.50 beers make sure you don’t need to use the bathroom during “God Bless America” or you will be forced to leave.

Just ask Bradford Campeau-Laurion, who was forcibly removed from Yankee Stadium when he ignored police orders to stop moving during the song. As he instead proceeded down the tunnel to the bathroom he was detained and ejected from the grounds.

“The officer informed me that I had to wait until the song was over,” Campeau-Laurion, a 29-year-old Queens native told the Daily News. “I said, ‘I don’t care about ‘God Bless America.’ Next thing I know he was pinning my arm behind my back.”

The police responded that Campeau-Laurion was removed because he was, “standing on his seat cursing, using inappropriate language and acting in a disrespectful manner while reeking of alcohol.”

Regardless of who was right and who was wrong this does bring up a very questionable rule at Yankee Stadium. That is that they don’t allow movement during either the “Star Spangled Banner” or “God Bless America.”

Campeau-Laurion probably should have listened to officers when he was asked to wait until the song is over, but realistically why should he even need to be asked? Is it appropriate to force religion and patriotism on a person and is that a necessary requisite for attending a ball game? I don’t think so.

Honestly “God Bless America” is a great time to take a leak during a ball game. The way ticket prices are and the way lines to the bathroom have always been it is probably the single best during the game to take a break. It also takes place during the seventh inning stretch, supposedly the time when you should be getting up.

Campeau-Laurion has said that he has contacted a public advocate to help him fight for his rights, but the appropriate response would be an apology from the Yankees or have them simply remove the silly rule. Patriotism is great, but it shouldn’t be forced. When you drop $100-$200 for a game you should be able to move around the stadium freely and without hassle.

Go to Deadspin for response from Campeau-Laurion.

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