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Ten days in South Florida and I’ve learned two things.

1) I hate flying more and more every time I step onto a flying deathtrap- I mean airplane.
2)The Dolphins are psyked to have Chad Pennington lobbing balls about twenty yards or so for their offense. They talk about him like he’s the second coming of Joe Namath (Uh…wait a second here). “His leadership blah blah” or his “blah blah experience as a competitor blah blah.” It’s funny when Dolphins camp and former Jets camp sound exactly the same. I’ve still got my spy on the ground trying to sneak a picture of the brain sucking machine Parcells used to suck the Jets playbook out of Chad’s head.
3) I know I said two but the plane thing isn’t really relevent. Ricky Williams is an important part of their team and I’m starting to believe that he’s going to have a great season. I don’t know if it’s too much sun but he’s looked great in the preseason. I still find it ridiculous that after all he put the Dolphins through, Ricky Williams is still “the Man” in South Beach. Only in Miami do they have such short term memories.

Shawne Merriman should definitely get surgery. It’s not like the dude doesn’t have health insurance and the best medical assistance in the world. His history doesn’t paint him as the smartest guy (cough cough, steriods, cough) but this is just plain old stupid yo. It’s not like a doctor told him he needs the surgery or anything, Four doctors did. Homey, get the damn surgery! Of course the Chargers’ organization is happy you’re going to play this season. That’s because they don’t care about your knee or your future. They just want you on the field now. Part of me wants to say that Shawne is being brave but this move is just too stupid. He had the entire offseason to get surgery, what was he waiting for?

Whether Favre plays tonight in the final preseason game or not, it’s a good thing. I’m all for protecting our elderly superhero but I’m also all for him getting a few more reps before his regular season debut. Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from the New York Media but Favre being able to learn and run the offense isn’t as much of a concern as it once was. Yes, I saw the penalties against the Giants. I just didn’t care about them because the pass to Cotchery was freakin awesome and I’m more of a “glass is half full” kind of guy. Except with margaritas. Then the glass is always half empty. Even if it just landed in front of me, it’s half empty. Back to the point here, Mangini is paid to make these decisions and I feel like he wouldn’t sit our man unless he determined that the risk doesn’t equal the reward. We know how he likes to simplify things for quarterbacks.

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  1. 1 On August 28th, 2008, Andrew Feingold said:

    I read about Merriman he wants to get paid soon( but like you said very risky to play) and they re-signed his backup to a 5 year deal

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