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The Yankees are finding new ways to lose. This time, they found a way to blow a four run lead on an afternoon where the offense showed up and scored some runs, not to mention a decent outing by their starting pitcher Darrell Rasner.

The game slipped away from the Yanks in the top of the 7th.With the Yanks up 6-3 and Toronto had a man on first base and no outs. A groundball was hit to Robinson Cano, he fielded it, and flipped it Derek Jeter at second. Problem was, Cano’s flip was erratic and got away from Jeter. This puts runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs. A walk later loaded the bases, and Joe Inglett singled to center. This shaved the Yankee lead down to 6-5. In the top of the 8th Brian Bruney gave up a single to Vernon Wells, next up Adam Lind facing Damaso Marte. Lind gets a base hit to right. Edwar Ramirez then comes in to try and calm things down. He gives up a hit to Jose Bautista and the game is now tied at 6. Next batter Greg Zaun hits a slow grounder that went all of about 75 feet got the go ahead run in for the Blue Jays. Rasner left with a 6-3 lead, now going into the bottom of the 9th the Yanks were down 7-6.

Jeter leads off with a single and Bobby Abreu walks to start the 9th. Here comes Alex Rodriguez, chance to the hero but he failed in another late inning spot. He grounded into a double play, his 11th this month! Next up Cody Ransom flew out to left leaving Abreu at second and the game was over. Heartbreaking loss to say the least for the Yankees.

The bullpen that had been so good last night, let the Yanks down today. Bruney, Marte, and Ramirez all pitched in Friday’s 2-1 win. The difference between last night and today was Mariano Rivera. Girardi could’ve gone to his closer today but it would’ve marked the 3rd straight day in which Joe would’ve called upon Rivera to get more than 3 outs. At some point you got to let the guy rest. Now we see why Rivera is so valuable to this team. Maybe if he comes in in the 8th inning, the Yanks don’t give the game away.

Up 6-2 in this game, the Yanks MUST win this game. It’s just another bad result in a season full of them. At some point the Yanks will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs if things keep going this way. Time is running out, 27 games left and 6 out. Time is not on the Yankees side.

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