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Friday, September 5th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

J Platt, Hot Stove Philly – This is a tough one. Both players are irreplaceable cogs to their team. Wright has been more consistent overall, while Utley started like a house on fire, but cooled after the All-Star Break. While Wright possesses more power, Utley is more dependable for the big hit. Defensively, Utley has improved but Wright has developed into a Gold Glove caliber third baseman. If you factor in position (which does contribute to overall value), Utley is the best offensive second baseman in baseball, while Wright has stiff competition at third base right in his own city. When it comes to intangibles, I don’t think there are many who hustle more then Utley, so I’ll give him the edge, but Wright is clearly superior in the leadership department. Wright has become the leader of the Mets, while Utley maintains a strong presence, he isn’t the Phillies leader.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see …

Mets Rumors & News

Jeff Freier, Hot Stove New York – This year it’s clearly Jose Reyes. He towers over Jimmy Rollins in every statistical category, and leads the league in hits, multiple hit games, triples, is fourth in runs scored and second in stolen bases. His OPS is .854 to Rollins’ .778. And the fielding slump Reyes was in at the beginning of the year has disappeared long ago. So statistically and talent-wise, Reyes is obviously superior. And Rollins’ intangibles – leadership, hustle, etc. – have disappeared this year. The one issue Reyes had was the night in Anaheim when he tweaked his hamstring and was pulled from the game, but got pissed (and pissy) because he wanted to stay in. Meanwhile, Rollins shows up late for a game and gets benched for not hustling. He seems to have an MVP hangover.

J Platt, Hot Stove Philly – Statistically this year it’s Reyes. If you look at the numbers, Reyes surpasses

Yankees Rumors & News

ESPN gives the Yankees a 1.4 percent chance of making the playoffs this season, that’s probably more than anybody else.

Now that it looks like the Yankees have missed the playoffs for the first time since 1993 you would think they would have begun gearing up for next season. Instead they continue to run the team like they’re going to fight this thing down to the last day when in reality they’ve been out of it for about two weeks.

Maybe it’s because they’re not used to packing it in so early. Another team would be a good time to give some of the rookies and minor leaguers who will be playing a bigger role next season a chance to show what they’ve got.

I’m not even talking about Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy who are likely to finish their seasons in the Bronx after Scranton is finish with the playoffs. Although they should be inserted into …

Let’s Get it On!

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“You’re wearing the wrong Jersey!’

I was tending bar last night and since it was the beginning of the NFL season I was proudly wearing Jerricho Cotchery’s # 89.  A gaggle of women were standing in front of me wearing their night-on-the-town outfits and drinking apple martinis.

“You’re wearing the wrong Jersey!!!”  Again.  More of a shriek than a yell.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out who was responsible for hurting my ears.  She was on the chubby side and drunk as a skunk.  Naturally, I assumed she was from Boston.

“What are you, a Patriots fan?”  I said.  No way some Bostonion is going to come in my bar and rag on me ten minutes into the new season.  I loaded my Patriot Fan cut down cannons and fired away.  “Hey, we might have lost ten games last year but none of them hurt as much as that Super Bowl.  Karma’s a bitch huh?”

“But I’m a Giants fan!  They’re the winners!”  Loud.  High pitched squeal.

I’m …

Musings: Phillies vs. Mets

Mets Rumors & News

Thoughts going into the Mets biggest series of the year…
The Mets go into this series 3 games up and have won 10 of 15 against the Phillies this season. However this doesn’t make me feel at ease.
While I think being able to add 15 new players to a team in September is absurd, the added bodies, most notably the added arms, is huge for Jerry Manuel. He was already nursing his way through the late innings with what I call “the most exciting bullpen in baseball”. Now he’s almost to the point where he can use a reliever per out before he goes to Luis Ayala or whoever is the closer of the day.
Speaking of Ayala, he certainly fits right in with the rest of the bullpen. It’s to the point where I don’t even get scared anymore at the end of the game. Drama at the end of games is just a way of life for …

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Giants vs. Redskins

Giants Rumors & News

The Good
Let’s start at the beginning. Michael Strahan popped out of a giant Vince Lombardi Trophy (thank god he was wearing clothes) with the real thing. Yes, the Giants are defending Super Bowl champs, and the crowd at the Meadowlands finally got to enjoy it. As for the game, the Giants started right where they left off last season, dominating the first half and staying in control the rest of the way. Should they have won 28-0? Probably. But a win is a win, especially a division win. They came roaring out of the gate, with an 84-yard opening drive and capped it off with Eli Manning rushing for a touchdown on a naked bootleg. And they scored, albeit all field goals, on their next three possessions.
Plaxico Burress, fresh off his signing a five-year $35 million contract, had a huge game. With all …

Patrick Ewing gets inducted into the Hall

Knicks Rumors & News

Patrick Ewing, one of the greatest players in New York Knicks history, is going to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame today in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was drafted with the first overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft, the first draft lottery in league history. Ewing was a three-time All-American at Georgetown and reached the championship game of the NCAA tournament three out of four years he was there. Georgetown defeated the Houston Cougars led by Hall of Fame classmate Hakeem Olajuwon in 1984. The former Hoya was named the AP National Player of the Year in his senior season.
Ewing began his illustrious career with the Knicks winning the 1986 NBA Rookie of the Year award. The 7-footer made an immediate impact, averaging 20 points, nine rebounds and 2 blocks per game. He averaged over 20 points in a season 13 times and at least 10 rebounds nine times while …

Mets-Phillies Series Preview

Mets Rumors & News

For 45 years the Mets and Phillies never had a rivalry, despite their close physical approximation and being in the same league and division (since 1969). The problem has been that for the most part they just haven’t been good at the same time. When the Phillies were winning, the Mets were at the bottom, and vice versa.
But finally, we have a full flat-out rivalry. Phillies fans hate Jose Reyes because of his handshakes and high jinks and Billy Wagner because he’s, well, Billy Wagner. Mets fans hate Jimmy Rollins because he’s constantly whining and crying about the Mets and Shane Victorino because of his taunting and celebratory antics. Rollins recently made comments about getting extra motivation playing against the Mets because of their shenanigans (hey, Jimmy, you’re 5-10 against them and can’t be bothered to show up for …

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