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Jeff Freier, Hot Stove New York – Obviously the Phillies have a better bullpen. I think New York’s ’pen has a 15.1 scoreless streak heading into this series and Philly’s bullpen is blowing games left and right, but you’d have to be crazy to say the Mets have a better bullpen overall. Brian Stokes and Luis Ayala have really helped the Mets, using Feliciano and Smith as lefty-righty specialists is working and the Phillies relievers are coming down to earth a little but the Phillies are still better. Both make the games a little too exciting, though.

Jon Atwood, Hot Stove Philly – Despite the recent struggles over the past two weeks, the Phillies’ bullpen continues to have one of the lowest ERAs in the league. The Mets, on the other hand, are one of the league’s worst pens. Aaron Heilman has an ERA of 5.23, Luis Ayala’s is 5.40, Pedro Feliciano’s is 3.83, Joe Smith’s is 3.79 and Nelson Figueroa’s is 4.75. On the other hand, the Phillies have just one reliever with an ERA over 4. The Phillies have been solid with the game on the line, whereas the Mets’ bullpen blows game after game after game for their starters. Don’t believe me? Just ask Johan Santana.

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  1. 1 On September 6th, 2008, Kwame said:

    I’m a Mets fan and I think it’s not even close. The simple fact that none of the relievers outside of specialists Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano have defined roles speaks volumes. Last week the Mets had their closer (for the moment) on the mound (Luis Ayala) and two guys up in the bullpen as a safety net. The Phillies on the other hand have been solid except for the last two weeks. Romero is one of the better set up guys in the league and few middle relievers have better stuff than Chad Durbin.

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