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Jeff Freier, Hot Stove New York – That would have to be Cole Hamels. Who wouldn’t want a 24-year-old ace-like pitcher? He’s great right now, and you can only see him getting better over the next five years. A pitcher like that only comes around every so often. The other choice would be Chase Utley. The Mets need a second baseman (Luis Castillo doesn’t count), and Utley’s one of the best, if not the best in baseball. But I’d rather have a young star pitcher than a great second baseman. So I’d go with Hamels.

Jon Atwood, Hot Stove Philly – I think the obvious answer to this question is David Wright. For one thing, the Phillies have not had a legitimate starter at third base since the departure of Scott Rolen. After a long string of players like David Bell, Abraham Nunez and Wes Helms, the Phillies could really use some pop at the hot corner. The only other player on the Mets that I think would compete with Wright on this question would be Jose Reyes, but with reigning MVP Jimmy Rollins at shortstop for the foreseeable future, the Phillies have little use for the taunting two year old.

Wright has a career batting average of .307 and averages 30 homeruns and 111 RBIs a season. Add on top of that 22 stolen bases a year and 78 walks a year and you have one of the most complete players in the major leagues. Add to that the fact that he is just 25 years old and not yet in the prime playing years of his career and an apparent ability to lead his team despite his relative youth, and I would take Wright over almost any other player in the majors, let alone the Mets.

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