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20 games to go, 7.5 games out of the wild card and the Yankees still think they have a shot at making the postseason. That shipped has sailed. The season ended the night Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedoria hit a grand slam to break open a “close” game. At the end of that grand slam Jonathan Papelbon stood with his arms opened as if he stood there in victory. Boy was he right. The Yankees haven’t recovered from that onslaught.

As a Yankee fan I am ashamed of this team. Such promise and so talented, injuries or no injuries, they still had the pieces to make this thing interesting down to the last day but I feel like most of the team has given up. A-Rod can’t hit the clutch again, Cano makes dumb mistakes a player of his caliber shouldn’t be making, Jeter isn’t himself this year, Pettitte seems to be down to his last few breaths, Melky Cabrera should be playing in some Independent League, Giambi is all or nothing, Veras is no modern day Jeff Nelson, Ramirez is no modern day Ramiro Mendoza. I’ve had enough of Girardi and his positive outlooks. That’s not what he was brought here for. He was brought here to institute passion into the players who essentially need a good kick in their rear. Cano cost the Yankees a game last week by being nonchalant and when asked about it you compare him to being as smooth as Roberto Alomar?! Are you serious? I guess he was talking about the Roberto Alomar that couldn’t buy a hit in his last days as a Met. That kind of stuff gets me pi***d.

Then you get quotes like:

“We’re not out of it yet, All we can do is go out there and play hard.” – Johnny Damon

“I look at this team and I look at our lineup and I feel like this team should win….I feel like this team should beat up on people. That’s how I feel.” – Andy Pettitte

“How many games do we have left?” Told there were 22, Rodriguez’s eyes grew wide and he muttered an expletive. “You have to do what you can do,” he said. “We have to take it one game at a time and look up after 15 games and see where we stand. Crazier things have happened.” – Alex Rodriguez

I mean why is there a sense of urgency now and why wasn’t there any in August? I have to question the leadership of this team. They’re in crisis mode now and need to win now at any costs. The Rockies did it last year, so did the Phillies. So you can’t tell me the almighty New York Yankees can’t make miracles happen. It just seems unlikely. What a shame. The Yankees will go home on September 28th once the final out is made in Fenway Park. Money can’t buy you happiness or a championship these days. Not only that but now it doesn’t even buy you a pass to the postseason. That’s pathetic. 20 games to go, 10 more at the Stadium, why bother playing themnd ? Oh yea, it’s the last year of Yankee Stadium, apparently the memo never got to the Yanks. Instead of playing for a championship to close out the most historic stadium of all time, they’re closing it out against the Batimore Orioles on ESPN, oh joy, what excitement, I can’t wait!

Yanks 2nd Half Record:26-21
My Yanks 2nd Half Prediction: 39-28

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