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Monday, September 8th, 2008

Mussina Is Reason To Watch Yankees

Yankees Rumors & News

The Yankees are in fourth place. Their season is over and the focus is turning away from this season, but there is still one more reason to watch: Mike Mussina.
That’s because he has quietly been putting together a great season and what a story it would be if at the age of 39 he finally nabbed that elusive twentieth victory.
Mussina won 19 games twice, once in ’95 and again in ’96. He has won at least 17 games eight times and he’s won more games in baseball history among pitchers without a 20-win season.
In the past few years Mussina’s numbers had been dwindling. Once a dominant pitcher he looked like he was coming ever closer to retirement. Especially after being pulled from the Yankee rotation last season after a terrible month of August where opponents were batting .396 off him and he had a 8.87 ERA.
Despite the sour second half of 2007 Mussina was still to be included in the Yankees more …

Mets Rumors & News

The news isn’t good when it comes to Billy Wagner. An MRI done on Wagner today revealed that the tear in Wagner’s MCL had increased and the Mets closer will require Tommy John Surgery.

Wagner, who has been on the disabled list since early-August with a forearm strain, was on the mend and due back with the Mets this week. That was until he threw off the mound after the first game of a doubleheader against the Phillies. After 13 pitches, Wagner walked off the mound with elbow pain.

The tear in Wagner’s MCL isn’t news to Wagner or the Mets. This was detected in late-July when he had his last MRI. Given his age, and the lack of severity, the plan was for Wagner to pitch through it (many pitchers at his age have done it). Unfortunately it’s at a point now where surgery is the only option.

Wagner will have surgery this week, and will be out of action for a …

Brady’s ACL Tear Opens Door For Rest of AFC East

Jets Rumors & News

Bernard Pollard never thought he would be the talk of week 1 at the start of the 2008 football season. Though it was Pollard who helped end reigning MVP Tom Brady’s season, incidentally tearing his ACL and most likely having to miss the rest of this season. This is some of the most shocking news ever to come out of a week 1 game. The Patriots, who were believed to be able to cruise into another Super Bowl, are now going to struggle to find an offensive rhythm. 

What does this mean for the rest of the AFC East? It means that this may be the only year in the next 3 or 4 seasons that the division may be up for grabs (Except for the Dolphins).While Matt Cassel filled in decently for Brady, The Pats were clearly not the same team that they were last year. Randy Moss had zero catches in the 2nd half, which should never happen for 2 simple reasons. Firstly, Moss is …

I’d Rather Get Beat Up in an Alley: Week 1, Too Close for Comfort

Jets Rumors & News

What I expected to see Sunday was Brett Favre struggling to run the Jets offense.  I expected the win but I also expected to see some growing pains for Favre.  Maybe an interception because of misscommunication, some confusion when calling audibles, some snap count mix-ups-  I figured they were inevitable and to be expected.

What I saw was Favre outplaying everybody around him.  This was a tough win but only because the Jets left so many points on the field.  The Dolphins are known for having a physical defense but Favre looked great carving them up.  Did you see that playaction bomb?  You knew it was coming.  Run.   Short pass.  Short pass.  Run.  Run.  Run- psyyyyke!  Bomb!!  Touchdown Jets!!!!! That was the first two drives in a nut shell. Good times that first quarter.

Favre was on target the whole game.  It’s too bad the recievers were’nt.   Coles dropped a touchdown and a bullet on a quick slant.  Cotchery missed a big 30 yard pass he just …

Favre wins his Jets debut

Jets Rumors & News

Brett Favre threw two touchdown passes in his victorious debut yesterday for the New York Jets. Favre earned his 161st NFL victory as the Jets defeated the Miami Dolphins 20-14 on a day where one saw New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady go down for with a knee injury. Brady was placed on injured reserve today, ending his season
Favre connected on 15-24 passes to seven different receivers and threw zero interceptions. Coming into the game, the former Green Bay Packer only knew about 75 percent of New York’s playbook due to his late training camp arrival. However, that didn’t slow down Favre his first TD pass was hauled in by Jerricho Cotchery for 56 yards. Favre play-actioned to Thomas Jones and Cotchery broke free form corner Andre Goodman to make the game 7-0.  Favre extended his NFL record in TD passes to 443 with his first as a Jet….

The Final Showdown: Mets-Phillies Series Recap

Mets Rumors & News

That was almost anticlimactic. No late-inning drama, no bullpen meltdowns, no controversy. The Phillies had to win a minimum of two games in this series, and the Mets just had to avoid a sweep. So both teams can kind of shrug their shoulders, and say they came out of it ok. The final tally for the season: Mets 11 wins, Phils 7 wins. The Mets go into the home stretch with a two-game lead. Before the series Mike Schmidt of all people sent an e-mail to the Phillies telling them how to play the game of baseball and that the Mets know the Phils are a better team than them. After the hysterical laughter died down, everyone wondered how the former third baseman could write a whole paragraph and not have it be about himself. After last night’s game, Phillie legend Darren Daulton sent the team a text message rooting them on and to confirm that he’s still completely insane. And former Met Kevin McReynolds left the Mets a voicemail …

2008 AFC West Preview

San Diego Chargers
Having finished one step away from the Superbowl a year ago despite several key players being hurt, anything less than a trip to the Superbowl will be considered a disappointment.
Yes, both the Patriots and Colts stand in their way. But the Chargers have already proven that they can beat the Colts on the road and should have beaten the Patriots as well.
This year, the Chargers have the opportunity to gain an advantage over both the Patriots and Chargers as they play both at home. This should enable the Chargers to gain any tie breakers and consequently earn the #1 seed throughout the playoffs.
The Chargers only main area of concern this year is the health of all pro LB Shawne Merriman. Merriman who is vowed to play and put off surgery is really rolling the dice on his career and possibly the Chargers season.
Predicted Record: 13-3
Playoffs: Yes

Denver Broncos
If you cannot …

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