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With the season winding down and the Yankees slowly, a little to slowly, are shifting gears toward the 2009 season and are trying some future pieces on for size today.

Alfredo Aceves is in the rotation and Phil Coke is in the bullpen getting good major league experience he can build on for next year. That’s a start. Brett Gardner was conspicuously absent from last night’s start however.

One piece of this year’s team who’s future remains to be seen is Carl Pavano. The other day I made a plea to take Sidney Ponson and Darrell Rasner out of the Yankee rotation, but I didn’t mention the need to take Pavano out as well because I didn’t initially write him out of the team’s 2009 plans.

It was mostly because he was showing some decent promise. In August he looked like he was behind Phil Hughes on the comeback trail until he turned it around with some pretty strong performances. Once in the majors he then took full advantage of a pretty good opportunity and made some big starts.

Giving up three runs in five innings against Baltimore seemed like a pretty good night. Then one run over six innings against Toronto was even better. His two starts since then have been amazingly underwhelming as he couldn’t make it out of the fifth inning in one and he got rocked last night.

His performances weren’t terrible, but with Pavano’s past history with the Yankees it would have taken some really eye opening games for them to seriously consider bringing him back next season and he hasn’t done that. Maybe it is rust coming off of Tommy John surgery, but not even the Yankees fan afford to risk much money to bring back a pitcher who hasn’t pitched consistently in four years.

He’ll have the opportunity to make four more starts and maybe he should get a couple more, but once Scranton’s season is over Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes should be brought up to take Pavano and Ponson’s spots in the rotation. They are the future of the team and Pavano certainly isn’t and the Yanks don’t need to do him any favors.

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