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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Lay Seige to the Cassel! Sunday Brings The Patriots and Another Must Win

Jets Rumors & News

All week long I’ve watched people slowly warm up to the idea that the Jets are suddenly the favorites to win the AFC East.  After last season it sounds ridiculous but it’s true people.  I’ve watched the Sportscenter folks hold back on bringing it up after 1 week of play.  Then the Vegas betting machine let us know that people secretly are expecting the Jets to win this weekend.  That’s right.  Expecting.  And those people are putting their money where their mouths are.  Just look at the line in the paper.  After that, it had to be mentioned on ESPN.  The Jets are favored to win this weekend.  If they beat the Patriots, does that make them the favorites?  I know we need to win Game 2 first but………….. Yes!

Without Tom Brady the Patriots no longer seem so unbeatable.  With Brett Favre looking like his old self the Jets no longer seem so easily beaten.  Buffalo looked good last week too but they don’t cheat nor …

Ewing Jr. to wear No. 6

Knicks Rumors & News

Patrick Ewing Jr., the son of New York Knicks legend and Hall of Famer, will wear No. 6 for the Knicks. His father’s 33 jersey was retired by the Knicks in February 2003. The younger Ewing chose No. 6 because it was his father’s Olympic number. The elder Ewing also wore the number when he played his last season with the Orlando Magic. Another reason for picking the number was his favorite player Bill Russell also wore No. 6
Ewing Jr. was allowed to wear 33 at Georgetown since they do not retire numbers. As a junior, he helped contribute to the teams run to the final four. In his senior year, he won the Big East Conference’s Sixth Man of the Year. He was drafted by the Sacramento Kings 43rd overall in the 2008 NBA Draft. He was dealt to the Houston Rockets on August 14th as part of a multi-team deal. …

Slugfest at Shea: Mets-Nats Series Recap

Mets Rumors & News

When the Mets started their series at Shea with Washington they were one-and-a-half games ahead of Philadelphia. Two wins, 41 total runs and two Phillie losses later, they now have a season-high three-and-a-half-game lead over the Phightin’ (amongst themselves) Phils. The wins weren’t easy, but you don’t get extra points for style. Here’s what happened.
Tuesday, Mets 10-8: The Slugging Carloses
Ugly. Pretty. Sloppy. Easy. Hard. In September, it doesn’t matter how you do it―a win’s a win. There are no bad wins (unless there’s a season-ending injury, of course), and no moral victories in a loss (you can put lipstick on a loss, but it’s still a loss). Carlos Delgado blasted two home runs (again), went three for three and had three RBIs. His first shot clanged off the Texas-Seattle game on the scoreboard, and the second one was sent to the back of the …

Pettitte Not Making A Good Case For 09

Yankees Rumors & News

A day after Hot Stove reported that Andy Pettitte would like a return to the Yankees in 2009, he goes out and has another shaky start and showed why there should be serious concern about his effectiveness next year.
Pettitte threw four and two-thirds innings and allowed four runs, three earned, during a stretch of time he says the team should be playing for pride.
“It’s extremely disappointing,” Pettitte said. “I would hope people play for pride and they get paid an awful lot of money to do a job. I hope that would account for something.”
He does get paid a lot of money, but it’s hard to say that he’s accounting for anything.
Over the years Pettitte has been a rock for the Yankees. A solid player who is always dependable when they needed it most. He built a reputation for being a big game starter by winning key world series games and seemingly always coming up with a big win to …

Pats Still Alive and Kicking

Jets Rumors & News

The New England Patriots are still the team to beat-New England Patriots WR Randy Moss 

When Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard delivered the shot heard around the NFL world last week, fans around the league literally began to rejoice. No longer will they have to endure Randy Moss’ 
annoying endzone antics. They can take the television off of mute as they will not hear announcers gush over Bill Belichick’s “genius”.  They will not be subjected to Teddy Bruchi’s mascot-like, sadistic smile.  And most importantly, the NFL’s most hated team will become a shell of itself.  Life will go back to a simpler time when football coaches didn’t look like vagrants on the sideline, steroid using, cheap-shot artist, defensive backs weren’t considered “leaders” and the Patriots were a perennial sub .500 team….

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