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The New England Patriots are still the team to beat-New England Patriots WR Randy Moss 

When Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard delivered the shot heard around the NFL world last week, fans around the league literally began to rejoice. No longer will they have to endure Randy Moss’ 

annoying endzone antics. They can take the television off of mute as they will not hear announcers gush over Bill Belichick’s “genius”.  They will not be subjected to Teddy Bruchi’s mascot-like, sadistic smile.  And most importantly, the NFL’s most hated team will become a shell of itself.  Life will go back to a simpler time when football coaches didn’t look like vagrants on the sideline, steroid using, cheap-shot artist, defensive backs weren’t considered “leaders” and the Patriots were a perennial sub .500 team.

Sorry to break this to the fans of the other 31 teams in the league (and it pains me to admit this), but the witch isn’t dead. Actually, the Patriots, aren’t going away anytime soon.

From a football standpoint, while losing Tom Brady is obviously devastating, the Patriots are still a talented team. They have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, game changing wide receivers in Randy Moss and Wes Welker, a virtual posse at running back and a very forgiving schedule. Even with a lifelong backup at quarterback, they will still be in the hunt for about 9 or 10 wins and the AFC East title.

And don’t think for a moment that the media isn’t still in love with the Pats. The easiest storyline to package for the television and print media is to draw parallels between Brady’s injury and Drew Bledsode’s injury in 2001. In case you didn’t know, the media loves easy storylines.  Expect a “Deja Vu” headline on some national sports publication with a picture of Brady being carried off the field.  The caption will read something along the lines of “Can Matt Cassell become Brady 2.0?” In addition to the layup of a storyline, the Patriots have dynamic and polarizing personalities in Moss, Belichick (he’s not dynamic, but definitely polarizing), owner Robert Kraft and their “passionate” fans. Throw in the fact that there are currently four prime-time games on the Patriots schedule and believe me, you will definitely get your fill of Belichick’s crew.

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I advise everyone to cancel their “The Patriot’s are Done” parties.  Football’s Evil Empire is still breathing.

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