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Friday, September 12th, 2008

Yankees Get Set For Final Homestand

Yankees Rumors & News

The Yankees returned home from a mediocre road trip which all but sealed their playoff hopes and took a lot of the excitement out of what is the final home stand ever at the “House that Ruth Built.”

With 16 games left going into the final week at the stadium, the Yankees playoff hopes aren’t technically dead but it would take a miracle to save them now. Unfortunately for the Yankees their offense has sputtered, their pitching has been inconsistent, and their injuries have piled up and this doesn’t look like a team capable of those types of miracles.

So instead they will try to put on happy faces and make excuses as to why this isn’t an amazing disappointment to be playing insignificant games during the final week of the old stadium’s existence.

The opponents for their final home stand include the Tampa Rays, who sit in their usual place atop the American League Eastern division, the Chicago White Sox, a …

Mets-Braves Series Preview

Mets Rumors & News

The hapless Atlanta Braves and Larry Jones make their last-ever visit to Shea Stadium this weekend. And with it memories of Chipper come flooding back. There was the time he was booed back in 1999. And I recall him being booed in 2000. There were all the times he was booed from 2001-’05. And who could ever forget the games he was booed from 2006-’08? I think I’m going to cry. Everyone knows he named his son Shea after the Mets’ home field. But it could have been worse. His wife wanted to name him The Polo Grounds. The Mets will also welcome back old friend John Rocker, who will be making a special appearance in the series. Before Sunday’s game, he’ll unveil his all-time top-10 racial slurs. Commemorative refrigerator magnets of the occasion will be handed out to all kids 12 and under.
With 17 games left in the season (there’s no …

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