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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Week 2 Fantasy pickups


J.T. O’ Sullivan (49ers) – Passed for 321 yards and one touchdown in an overtime win against the Seattle Seahawks last week. Also had zero turnovers and chipped in with 32 rushing yards on four attempts. In Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons he had three turnovers, but proceted the ball last week. J.T. has an attractive schedule the next two weeks with Detroit in Week 3 and New Orleans in Week 4
Trent Edwards (Bills) – In two games the 24 year-old has gone a combined 38-of-55 for 454 yards, with two touchdowns, zero interceptions and a 107.7. passer rating. Last week vs. Jaguars he completed 8-of-11 passes for 91 yards and a TD ( first road TD of his career) in the fourth quarter. He …

Rangers Additions and Subtractions

Rangers Rumors & News

The Jaromir Jagr era is over for the New York Rangers. He led the team to three straight playoff appearances in his three full seasons here, after the Rangers hadn’t been in the playoffs since the Mesozoic era. This year’s team will have a different look than the previous few seasons, where the Czechs ruled (how do you say Los Rangers in Czech?). If anything, they’ll be younger, with only four players over 30, and Markus Naslund the oldest at 35 (unless Brendan Shanahan comes back). With training camp starting tomorrow, here’s a look at the key free agent/trade acquisitions and departures for this season’s version of the Blueshirts.
Nikolei Zherdev: The 23-year-old Russian will take over Jagr’s spot on the right side of the first line. Acquired in a trade with Columbus (with Dan Fritsche for Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman), the fourth overall pick in …

OJ’s Future Easy to See

So here we go again. OJ Simpson will once more be forced to let a jury decide his fate. This time he’s on trial for kidnapping and armed robbery. Allegedly, Simpson and a group of friends stormed into a hotel room brandishing firearms with the intent of stealing OJ Simpson sports memorabilia. Bizarre huh? Since that eventful evening there have been conspiracy theories, karmic theories, and an audio tape with the break-in recorded on it released to the media. My favorite part of the tape?

“Don’t let nobody out of this room. Motherf#*^@r, You think you can steal my s#*t and sell it?” -OJ Mothf&$#ing Simpson

Somehow, the week long jury selection process produced zero black jurors for this trial.  If ever there was a case that required a racially balanced jury, it is this one.
This is just a mistrial waiting to happen. Johnny Cochran would eat this case up for lunch. OJ Simpson is a …

I’d Rather Get Beat up In an Alley: Week 2- Jets Crash into Reality

Jets Rumors & News

Sunday the Jets once again showed their ineptitude when it comes to field goals and the first quarter.This ineptitude  hung over their heads the entire game and every single Jets fan knew that missed field goal was going to come back to bite us in the ass.
The first drive of the game was a thing of beauty. Farve was all over the place making good things happen and the Jets marched right down the field. That’s when Jay Feeley blew a gimme field goal. After that we all knew how this movie was going to end.
Our offensive growing pains were on display for the world to see.  We had too many penalties once again.  Hopefully these will begin to fade out with each extra week of practice Farve gets with the offense.
Apparently the officials were instructed to protect Matt Cassell because they called the Jets for roughing the passer whenever they could. Late hits …

Hot Stove Yankee Stadium Quiz

Yankees Rumors & News

Sunday is the last call for The House That Ruth Built. See how much you know about the grand cathedral. The answers will be posted tomorrow.
1. Who did the Yankees play in the first-ever game at Yankee Stadium?
2. Everybody knows that Babe Ruth hit the first home run at the Stadium, but who got the first-ever hit there?
3. How many All-Star games did the Yankees host there?
4. How far away was the original center field fence?
5. The original Yankee Stadium hosted many boxing matches, but who fought in the only fight at the “new” Stadium?
6. How many NFL championships did the New York Football Giants win while their home field was at Yankee Stadium?…

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