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Sunday is the last call for The House That Ruth Built. See how much you know about the grand cathedral. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. Who did the Yankees play in the first-ever game at Yankee Stadium?

2. Everybody knows that Babe Ruth hit the first home run at the Stadium, but who got the first-ever hit there?

3. How many All-Star games did the Yankees host there?

4. How far away was the original center field fence?

5. The original Yankee Stadium hosted many boxing matches, but who fought in the only fight at the “new” Stadium?

6. How many NFL championships did the New York Football Giants win while their home field was at Yankee Stadium?

7. Who did the Yanks play in the first game at the “new” Stadium?

8. Which soccer team called Yankee Stadium home?

9. How many World Series were played at the Stadium?

10. The three original monuments of Monument Park were actually on the field of play in center field in the old Stadium. Who are the monuments dedicated to?

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