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Sunday the Jets once again showed their ineptitude when it comes to field goals and the first quarter.This ineptitude  hung over their heads the entire game and every single Jets fan knew that missed field goal was going to come back to bite us in the ass.

The first drive of the game was a thing of beauty. Farve was all over the place making good things happen and the Jets marched right down the field. That’s when Jay Feeley blew a gimme field goal. After that we all knew how this movie was going to end.

Our offensive growing pains were on display for the world to see.  We had too many penalties once again.  Hopefully these will begin to fade out with each extra week of practice Farve gets with the offense.

Apparently the officials were instructed to protect Matt Cassell because they called the Jets for roughing the passer whenever they could. Late hits on Favre were perfectly legal though. The Jets with Brett Favre are still the Jets after all. This much was painfully obvious Sunday.

Speaking of painfully obvious, Lauverneus Coles looked horrible early. Again. The boos were deserved. He ended with some good plays but with the Pats running the ball the way they were it was too little too late. Lamont Jordon is officially back in the AFC East. He grinded out a few late painful first downs reminiscent of salt being rubbed into open wounds.

Didja see the way Favre kept stiff arming New England’s pass rush? Didn’t always work out so well but it looked cool and felt like it was demoralizing. Well, it did until Vrabel puts Favre in a headlock and gives him the DDT 5 seconds after the whistle. No flags of course but we already talked about that

We needed to win this game. It’s not often that the Patriots are going to come to down with a brand new baby quarterback for the Jets to break in. Instead of heading to San Diego undefeated, we’re going in 1-1.

The Chargers got hosed last weekend thanks to the officials.   How will they respond?  I hope they totally blow their cool and have a week of “closed door meetings.” Infighting amongst the Chargers may be our best hope.

If there is anything good to say about the Jet’s performance in Week 2 it’s that their defense only let the Patriots score 1 touchdown.  When you take into account that they were defending against Matt Cassel though, it might not be worth mentioning.

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