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So here we go again. OJ Simpson will once more be forced to let a jury decide his fate. This time he’s on trial for kidnapping and armed robbery. Allegedly, Simpson and a group of friends stormed into a hotel room brandishing firearms with the intent of stealing OJ Simpson sports memorabilia. Bizarre huh? Since that eventful evening there have been conspiracy theories, karmic theories, and an audio tape with the break-in recorded on it released to the media. My favorite part of the tape?

“Don’t let nobody out of this room. Motherf#*^@r, You think you can steal my s#*t and sell it?” -OJ Mothf&$#ing Simpson

Somehow, the week long jury selection process produced zero black jurors for this trial.  If ever there was a case that required a racially balanced jury, it is this one.

This is just a mistrial waiting to happen. Johnny Cochran would eat this case up for lunch. OJ Simpson is a racially charged icon. He’s a rich man who beat the system and got away with murder. He’s about to get away with armed robbery too. There’s no way this jury’s verdict will stand up.  I

I wonder what’s next for Simpson on his list of “stuff I can get away with”? Grand Theft Auto? Human trafficking? Maybe an energy scandal a la Enron should be next. I hear there’s tons of money to be made. Whatever it is, the Juice will be back on the golf course soon.


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