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From 1996 to 2007 Joe Torre took the Yankees to the playoffs every single year and took the team as far as the World Series an amazing six times while managing to win it four of those six.

He did it will a style where he made everything from dealing with stars with inflated egos to George Steinbrenner to the media look easy. His style was so laid back that it looked like it was his fault the Yankees were getting off to slow starts and his fault that the team kept getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

So the team decided to make a change and go with someone with a little more fire and they turned to Joe Girardi. As a second year manager Girardi already had high expectations. He had won manager of the year in his very first year and had done it dealing with a very young Florida Marlins team.

Fans, myself included, all around New York thought that this would be the end of the nonsense of slow starts and disappointing Octobers. Even when that didn’t happen this year many not many fans, again myself included, got on Girardi as they didn’t view it to be his fault.

Then this week our own Frank Negron Jr wrote an article where he called out Girardi for Robinson Cano‘s poor season and I stuck up for Girardi. My reasoning was that there was no correlation between Cano’s bad play and Girardi. To me it looked like a coincidence that a young player, Cano, was just having a bad season. After all they do that from time to time.

Then something changed the next day when Cano was benched for dogging it on a booted ground ball which ended up in the outfield and allowed the runner to advance.

It’s not so much that I have a problem with why he was benched, but I have a problem with why he would wait so long to address a problem. By sitting him this late in the season for a game and a half it looks like he wasn’t just benched for one botched play but a season of frustration. Is Girardi shying away from acting in a way which he thinks may upset the front office?

After all he did a great job in Florida, but was fired at the end of the season for the way he acted. So maybe he shied away from punishing a player who has an extremely bright future in pinstripes ahead of him.

So many times this season when an issue has popped up Girardi says to the media nothing more than, ‘it has been dealt with,’ and we never hear anything further about it. Until the same issue arises again.

Obviously he benched Robbie because he thinks that it will shake him up, but he’s been in a funk all season long and he never did anything about it. There is also the case with Melky Cabrera who played for weeks past the time it became obvious he was so ineffective he needed to be sent down. Was Girardi afraid to remove him from the lineup or send him down?

These are things we don’t really know the answer to, but as time goes on hopefully we won’t see the same instances of Girardi waiting until it’s too late to make a move.

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