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Since he came up in 1991 Mike Mussina has been one of the premier pitchers in baseball. He won 18 games his sophomore year and has won at least 12 every season since.

His resume is nearly hall of fame worthy as he is consistently been one of the most dominating pitchers in the nineties and has found success even today. He is fourth among active pitchers with 267 wins, 23 shutouts, and 57 complete games and he sixth in strike outs with 2800. He is also climbing some all-timey lists as well.

Despite all of that he may never sniff the hall of fame because the biggest knock against him is that he never won 20 games. Even though the stat is more of a team stat, it is a legitimate gripe. After all, is that guy really hall of fame worthy if he can’t string together one 20 win season?

Regardless he takes the mound tonight with a 17-9 record and still has a shot at winning 20 games this year, but it won’t be easy. He’ll have a chance to pitch against the White Sox tonight and he should be able to make two more starts after that. Next Tuesday he’ll likely get a start against the Blue Jays and if he wins both of those games he’ll pitch in the final game of the season in Fenway against the Red Sox.

He’ll have to be very good and also a little lucky to be able to snag that elusive twentieth-W because as I said before a win is more of a team stat. That means he’ll have to pitch well during all three starts, his defense will also have to come through for him, the erratic Yankee offense will have to pull it together, and on top of all of that the bridge to Mariano Rivera must remain solid.

It’ll be a hard task to accomplish and it could all end tonight or it could get drawn out until September 28. Either way if he does manage to pull it out it will probably make this team seem a lot less miserable than it is and it will be a great comeback by a guy who was left for dead about a year ago today.

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